Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Another Day

Today has been better than yesterday, but the reality of the situation still stings.

On the positive side, every single one of my teammates has been extremely supportive of me and have offered to give me names of recruiters, review my resume, etc. So at least I have that going for me.

Thanks to Buzz's blog and viewing the comments, I've found some great other blogs and will be blogrolling them when I get a chance.

I've also found a new band to check out thanks to D|King. They're called Tammany Hall NYC and can be found at They'll be added to my music links soon, but wanted you to have the information now.

In other work-related news...
I need your opinion on something. In the large company we work for, just about everything HR-related is contained in an online system. This includes our vacation tracking system.

In checking out my paycheck for this Friday that shows my vacation balance, the system shows that I have 85 hours of vacation left for the year and we can only carry over 40 hours. Reality on the other hand is that I only have about 64 hours of vacation left according to my boss' records (and her numbers are accurate, by the way).

But here's my thinking...if the SYSTEM is what we go by and I'm going to have a NEW BOSS after the first of the year...should I take a chance and take an extra three or four days and see if I still carry over the full five days for next year? (I know I've just converted from hourly calculations to daily calculations...I trust that you'll all be able to keep up.)

The worst-case scenario is that it will catch up with me and I won't have any carry-over vacation time for next year.

What do you think? Should I take a few more days or be a stand-up guy and only take the one additional day that I need to take without losing it?

Polls are open in the Comments section.

Stay tuned for next time as I announce the newest person I know to be on a reality show.

Until Next Time...