Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Brett Favre...WOW

This'll be a short post and was hoping to get to this last night, but things have just been too crazy getting ready for the in-laws' arrival today.

Let me start by saying I've always been somewhat of a Brett Favre fan...the guy plays hurt and aggressively (which is sometimes a bad combination).

Last night, though, he gave what I believe is the most impressive performance of his career. Just more than 24 hours after his father unexpectedly passed away in Mississippi, Favre not only played (which is impressive enough as it is), but he played superbly. In the first half alone, he threw for over 300 yards and 4 touchdowns.

Some may criticize him for not going home to be with his family, but I think this falls under doing what he thinks his Dad would have wanted him to do. This was a crucial game for the Packers as they are still battling for a spot in the playoffs. I'm sure his Dad knew he was grieving for him and thinking about him and the rest of his family, I'd imagine, supported his decision to play.

A lot of his teammates may have been silently questioning the decision to start him before the game...wondering how effective he could really be given the emotional punch to the gut he'd just taken. If they were wondering before kickoff, they certainly weren't at halftime.

In watching the game, you could just see the emotion on the other Packers' faces and how happy they felt for Brett with every successful big play.

Anyway...that's the long way of saying kudos to No. 4 and he's just cemented his status as my favorite current NFL player.

That's all for tonight kids!

Until Next Time...