Sunday, December 14, 2003

Busy Day

Original Saturday Checklist
1. Take K to do Christmas shopping at school
2. Go to KU/Oregon game
3. Watch movie with wife

Revised Saturday Checklist
1. Get up and realize it snowed all night
2. Shovel driveway at 8 a.m.
3. Take K to do Christmas shopping at school
4. Pick up lunch for family before going to basketball game
5. Go to KU/Oregon game
6. Sit through a 20-minute power outage at said game
7. Get home and play in 7 inches of snow with 3 kids for 30 minutes in jeans and hiking boots
8. Take family out for Chinese food
9. Drive around and look at Christmas lights
10. Watch old SNL re-run with wife after kids are in bed
11. Watch 2 Fast 2 Furious (without wife)

Don't you just love it when things go exactly the way you plan them?

Actually, the day was just fine except for the shoveling snow thing...I hate that.

Basketball game was good except the concession lines were HORRIBLE!!! Now, I know that concession stands are rarely efficient at sporting events, but this one had to set a record for crappy service.

We got to our seats about 20 minutes before tipoff and after wading through the masses of people to get to said seats, I was debating making the trek down the 250 steps and whether or not we could be back by tip. I guessed that I couldn't, but friend Don decided to give it a shop. Needless to say, about a minute before tipoff, I see Don coming back up the stairs empty-handed and ranting about what a huge freaking mess it was down there.

In fact, some guy sitting behind us missed almost the entire first half while getting concessions! I'm sure he was happy about spending $35 for a ticket at that point.

The end result of the game was good, though, as KU won by 10. Making the afternoon even better was seeing #1 Florida lose (again...they lost earlier in the week to Maryland) and Missouri lost to Gonzaga. There's not much that makes a KU basketball fan happier than seeing the Missouri Tigers lose! (Although, for the record, I feel sorry for their fans after everything that came out this week about the whole Ricky Clemons fiasco.)

Playing in the snow was a blast. Watching three little kids run around without a care in the world while playing in the snow is one of THE BEST feelings you can get as a parent...being out there with them is even better. I do need to get a pair of snow pants or something because jeans just get COLD when you "fall" down in the snow!

Watched 2 Fast 2 Furious tonight and I enjoyed it. Was it a critical masterpiece? Hell no. But the racing scenes were great and Tyrese (I think that's his name), who played a similar role to what Vin Diesel had in the first one, was pretty good. The stars were the cars though and I will definitely now be playing Need for Speed II on the PC sometime this weekend.

Everyone's in bed now and I need to head that way soon myself, but I'll probably finish watching SlamBall first. In case you don't know what that is, think basketball with trampolines.

Until Next Time...