Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Dream Job

For those of you that watch ESPN on a regular basis, you may recall seeing promos there, or on their Web site, for the ESPN Dream Job contest.

Basically, they held auditions at sports bars across the country over the past several months trying to find 8 contestants for a reality TV sportscasting competition. The winner of that competition will win an ESPN SportsCenter anchor position for one year.

So this past weekend they made the final cut down to 8 out of the thousands of contestants across the country at an audition in New York City...

And my next door neighbor when I was a kid is one of the 8 finalists.

I ran into his brother today and he told me the good news...I didn't even know he'd tried out. I can say, though, that the guy is phenomenal and I can't wait for the show to air early next year!

That makes two reality show contestants that I know personally, although I know him much better than I knew Melana from "Average Joe" -- we both worked for the Kansas City Chiefs.

If he manages to win the whole thing, it will also make the second person that I know working for ESPN on air.

Meanwhile...I'm just hoping to win the Powerball lottery...and DAMMIT...I forgot to buy a ticket tonight!!!

Until Next Time...