Friday, December 26, 2003

Free At Last!

Actually, the in-laws' visit went pretty well and I'm happy to say that I survived.

Christmas was great and the kids got WAYYY too many presents.

Speaking of wife and I were discussing this with some other you think the plastic twist ties that hold toys in place in the packaging are attached by hand or by machine? It takes at least 5 minutes and sometimes 15 to 30 to get each toy out of its's ridiculous!'s another question for you...when Santa brings presents for the kids...are they wrapped?

Let's see what else...with the in-laws leaving this morning, it freed up the rest of my day to watch the World Poker Tour marathon on Travel Channel. This, in turn, prompted me to logon to and play a few tournaments myself (play money, of course). I was quite pleased because I came in second and also won my first ever tournament. I'd been playing just single games where you jump in wherever there is an empty seat. I like the tournaments better because a) everyone starts at the same level and b) it's the same style I'll play if I ever get up the guts to go play in a real tournament.

It's bedtime for the I'm off for now!

Until Next Time...