Friday, December 19, 2003

Fun & Frivolity

If you're into finding what your prison bitch name would be on the HBO series Oz.

Found this over on Cornelia's site.

Just enter your first and last name and get your prison bitch name.

I must admit that I'm not real thrilled with mine, which is Gimp.

However, I took the liberty of entering some of my friend's names and was much more satisfied with the results.

Tying back to Dan's earlier suggestion of writing about Don...Don's prison bitch nickname is "Herr Homo."

Dan's? He'd be "The Wood-meister."

George Bush...some of you will love this and I'll get hate mail from the rest..."Fudge Boy."

So go check it out and enter in some other names...see what you can come up with.

Until Next Time...