Wednesday, December 31, 2003

God Bless Wireless Networks

So I've been feeling slightly guilty about blogging at work lately (although I really shouldn't given the way that they've been screwing with me). Then, this morning, I started feeling a little paranoid about blogging because I couldn't access my blog or Blogger and was wondering if they'd blocked access to the sites. I'm thinking they just may have.

Because right now, I'm connected to the Net through another company's wireless network here in our building. I knew we had a new tenant and decided to throw my wireless card into the laptop and see if I could find a connection. Sure enough...there it was!

So I think today will be spent blogging and surfing to my heart's content, all without worry of doing it through my company's network.

In other news...

Last night was a great night for fans of KU basketball. Not because they won (they didn't even play), but because both K-State and Missouri lost. Now, both of those teams (especially K-State) lose basketball games every so often...moreso in recent history than KU.

But...last night was special because of WHO they lost to. Missouri lost to Belmont.

Read that again...Belmont. They lost to a horse race. Actually, there are more spectators at the Belmont Stakes than there are students at Belmont...a school of about 3,000 students in Memphis, TN.

And K-State? They lost to UMKC...that's University of Missouri-Kansas City. Now UMKC's basketball team has been on the rise in recent years and it's not completely shocking to see them beat someone as bad as K-State, but even then it should be close.

It wasn't.

Final Score: UMKC 93, K-State 52

That's right...K-State, a Big 12 school, lost to UMKC by 41 points. 41 points!!!

I took great pleasure in calling my sister at 10:30 last night as soon as I heard the final score.

That's it for this post this morning, but you can count on more later today, including an update on my poker prowess.

Until Next Time...