Tuesday, December 09, 2003

If You Don't Care About Fantasy Football...

Then consider yourself lucky that I didn't make the playoffs this year. I tend to get a bit obsessive about this and will probably do so for another week or two to see if I can salvage some respect by winning my league's Consolation Bowl.

Now that FF (Fantasy Football) is over, I'll be turning my full attention to the Chiefs playoff run and Jayhawk basketball. If there are any other Chiefs/Jayhawks fans, I'd love to hear from you.

Hell...if there are any sports that you'd like to talk about, I'd love to see your comments on those as well...about the only things I'm not big on are NASCAR and hockey, although I will watch the NHL postseason.

I'm logging off for now and am going to watch "Celebrity Poker" on Bravo in just a few minutes. I'll be back tomorrow (or later tonight) with my thoughts on that show.

Thanks and have a great night!