Tuesday, December 09, 2003


The West Wing edition of "Celebrity Poker" doesn't re-run until 11:00 CT, so I'm watching Arizona beat up on Texas in college basketball right now.

Even though I'm generally a Big 12 fan, I tend to pull for Arizona as long as they aren't playing KU. I have a good friend that went to U of A and he and his wife, who I've known since I was a kid, now live in Phoenix. It will be interesting to see how good Texas is this year without T.J. Ford...right now it seems that they wish he was back.

Other than that, I'm just sitting here listening to the high winds outside and trying to figure out how much snow we'll REALLY get tonight. The original forecast was 2"-4" so I'm guessing it will be less than 2. I could be wrong, though.

That's it for now...I'm off to play some Texas Hold 'Em.