Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Wednesday Night Hoops

I'd planned on watching the KU game tonight, but by the time I got the kids in bed and checked the score, KU was already up 56-26 on a Division II team...didn't make much sense to watch the rest. So, instead, I watched Maryland beat #1 in Florida in overtime. They were the 4th or 5th number 1 team this season to lose a game. It seems like no one wants that top spot. (KU lost it last week after losing to Stanford last Saturday.)

This weekend, I'll get to see KU in person when they play Oregon in a game here in KC. It won't be the same as Allen Fieldhouse, but at least I'll get to see them in person. A big thanks to Dansting for hooking me up with a ticket!

Oh I'm watching that brief bit of the KU game and this commercial for Wendy's comes on...this thing bugs me to no end. It's the one where the guys get together to play poker and the new guy says, "If I knew a place with burgers open this late, I'd not only drive, I'd buy!"

Can anyone honestly tell me that they'd leave a planned poker game to drive through freaking Wendy's?!?! (I know only a couple of people read this right now, so there's really no need to respond.)

So now the kids are finally in bed...although my youngest girl just came down...AGAIN! Wife and I are sitting here watching Law & Order and I'll probably log on to play some more poker in a little bit.

Until next time!