Tuesday, December 30, 2003

What A Long **** He Has

POST you idiots!

OK...after reflecting on my music list more, I'm realizing what a bad, bad, bad idea that was. I know I hate to read long lists unless they are funny...which this one wasn't.

So I've abandoned the list idea for the moment. My apologies to those who actually read the damn thing. It'll never happen again.

Back at work this morning at 8:53 and I am the first one here in my department. I love the week between Christmas and New Year's at the office. Most of the bosses are gone which frees up the rest of us to shoot pool for an hour (like yesterday and most likely today), take 2 hour lunches (yesterday and again today) and listen to music without headphones. Man...are we rebels or what?!

Stayed up too late again last night, but since I wasn't worried about impressing anyone this morning, that worked out alright.

What was I doing until 1:30 in the morning? Playing poker and watching more SportsNight. And doing each one particularly well might I add. I won two of the tournaments and came in second in the third one I played in. So, for $165 in entry fees, I ended up winning $650. Too bad it wasn't real money!

One thing I forgot to mention in my weekend post was something pretty cool that I saw on Saturday Night Live (on Saturday). It was a re-run of the show with Jack Black hosting and John Mayer as the musical guest. As you may have seen in yesterday's list, both Mayer and Black's Tenacious D are on my list of favorite artists, so it promised to be a good show, which it was.

But, one sketch in particular was especially cool. Before a skit, they sometimes show a painting or drawing of the exterior of some building where the skit is supposed to be taking place. This time it showed the outside of a bar called The Wheel. Now...I realize there are probably many bars across this great land of ours called The Wheel, but there is one that I know of personally located in Lawrence, KS, home of the Jayhawks and it is a very popular place with the kids. (Damn...seeing as how I just wrote that, it means that I am officially no longer a kid...WAAAAA!!!!) So I just thought it was a cool coincidence at first. Until, that is, I looked closer and there was a Jayhawk painted on the outside window of The Wheel. It really was based on the bar in Lawrence...pretty cool stuff! Now, I'm just trying to figure out who on the SNL creative or art staff has KU connections.

(My only real problem with the whole sketch was that it was showing Jack Black performing music inside the bar. I'll be honest, I didn't spend much time at The Wheel, but I don't remember it being host to a lot of live bands (or dead ones for that matter). Can anyone confirm or deny this thought?)

OK...I just took a short break to read Dan's daily update, and he's put up a Top 10 TV show list. I thought it sounded good, so here goes mine.

1. SportsNight

2. Cheers (the Coach years)

3. Law & Order (the original)

4. Space Ghost (the 70s/80s version)

5. Dukes of Hazzard (the Bo & Luke version...their cousins sucked!)

6. Dick Van Dyke Show

7. Friends

8. Talk Soup

9. VH1's Driven

10. Dinner for Five (Jon Favreau's show on IFC)

The Almost List: Seinfeld, M*A*S*H, any Arsenio Hall show with Will Smith, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, E/R (the current drama...not the old 80s sitcom with Clooney and Elliot Gould), Family Ties, Cosby Show, Will & Grace

I'm eager to hear your thoughts!

Until Next Time...