Friday, December 19, 2003


Thank God It's Friday!!! And I have the next week off to enjoy with my family...and man do I need it.

Met with our CEO today to discuss my situation at work...he's my last appeal. It went about as well as I could have realistically hoped for, but it's still a longshot that anything will change. It was definitely worth taking the shot though.

In more enjoyable news...
I did leave work early so we could get to Red Lobster before the crowds there by 5:30. would think that you'd beat the rush at that point. Guess'd be wrong.

It was a freaking 40 minute wait!!! (Did I mention that it was only 5-freaking-30???) But my kids had their hearts set on it and I figured by the time we went somewhere else, it'd probably be 30 minutes anyway so we waited it out.

I'm not sure what your opinion on Red Lobster is but I actually enjoy the food. Had the Crab Alfredo tonight and those biscuits are DAMN good!

After dinner, we took the long way home weaving through neighborhoods so the kids could see more Christmas lights.

Then it was back home to drop off everyone but my oldest daughter, K, who had a shool ice skating party. She actually did very well and only fell a few times. Pretty good considering she hasn't skated since her lessons last summer.

Now, though, it's quiet time. All the kiddos are in bed and I'm just kicking back on the couch watching TV. (I LOVE my wireless network!!!)

I'll see if I can think of something more exciting to write about soon. (Dan suggested writing about what a tool Don is and I just don't think I'm prepared to tackle that subject just yet.)

Until Next Time...