Monday, January 12, 2004

Blog It Forward

This is my first foray into "blogging it forward" and I'll just take Buzz's word for it that this is a real thing. All the general guidelines are over there, but the gist of it is you pick a blog off of your blogroll that you like and give them a little pub (that's hip lingo for "publicity"). Did you know hips had their own "lingo"? Neither did I.

Anyway...for my part, I'm announcing Charlie over at Where The Hell Was I as my Blog It Forward Choice O' The Day.

The guy is just damn funny. The post that hooked me was the Blue's Clues one. If you have kids and/or have ever watched the show, you'll be rolling. (If you DON'T have kids and HAVE watched the show...why?)

As my bonus BIF, I'm throwing out my good friend Dan's blog...because he's the one that got me started doing this in the first place.

Anyway...that's my first ever Blog It Forward.

Until Next Time...