Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Funny Wedding Announcements

You've seen them on that little show that Leno does and perhaps you've seen some in your own local paper, but have been too lazy to clip it out and send it in.

Here's your chance. Over the past few years, I've found three couples that I felt had a chance to make "the big show" but never sent them in (for the exact reasons listed above).

I'll go ahead and archive this link to the left so it's easy for people to come back and add the ones they've seen. Of course, I have no way to verify the veracity of these posts, so we will rely on the honor system.

So here are the ones I've seen.

The Ball-Park wedding...this one was about two or three years ago.

The Long-Johnson wedding...about two months ago.

The Boring-Bland wedding...this weekend.

So there you go...I'll try to get the link up on my template, but go ahead and comment away here for now.

Until Next Time...