Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Just Another Day

There's not really that much going on in my world today, so I'll just see if I can come up with some stuff that doesn't stink.

I was reading over on Random Thinks about the success of Apple's iTunes service. I've not been there, but I think it costs about $1 per song to download.

So yesterday, Apple whiz Steve Jobs announced their biggest single spender at iTunes spent...go ahead guess.

OK...time's up!


What the fuck?! There are people without food and shelter this winter and some idiot is spending $29,500 on music downloads? Guess he missed out on the whole free Napster thing. Is it just me or is that insane???

In other news, I actually started doing some of the work that I'll be doing in my new position and let me just say that it officially sucks.

Fortunately (I hope), I had a phone interview today for the job I really want and they'll be getting back to me shortly if we need to schedule an in-person interview. Keep your fingers crossed kiddies!

Didn't do much of anything last night after going to dinner with my mom, my sister and her boyfriend. Played with the kids and their Play-Doh for a while and finally got them in bed around 9:30. Then watched Curb Your Enthusiasm, which was funny, but not the best episode I've seen.

After that, I tried to play poker, but for some reason the play money tournaments weren't working, so I actually went to sleep before midnight! First time that's happened in probably two months.

I still haven't gotten (I hate that word) around to doing the blogrolling crawl that I mentioned yesterday, but hopefully I can kill some time during the day tomorrow doing that.

Have a good day everyone!

Until Next Time...