Saturday, January 17, 2004

Long Time, No See

Wow...I didn't realize that it's been since Wednesday night that I'd posted anything! I think this has been my longest absence since I started this thing. So my apologies for the lack of anything new to read.

It's been a busy couple of days for me at work. In fact, one of the big reasons I haven't had any daytime postings recently is because they have me taking more inbound sales calls now and I have to be at my desk more. This puts me right in the view of just about everyone and also takes away my opportunity to sneak away to an enclave for an hour or two. I haven't even been able to read everyone else's blogs as much as I'd like.

I'll probably be posting a lot more next week though because the entire sales team (which now, doesn't include me) is off to the national sales meeting and I'll be manning the fort so to speak.

Let's see...what else?

Oh yeah...on Thursday I was checking one of my 18 Yahoo! e-mail accounts...specifically, the one I use for all my job hunting activity. Anyway, one of the e-mails I get is a regular Sales News e-mail from Monster. In these newsletters, they have a section called "Heard On The Boards" I was checking this newsletter at work and see MY post as the highlighted message. I'd written it looking for advice on how to handle a certain question during the interview process. My heart jumped when I first saw my Monster ID in big bold letters in the newsletter, but after I got over the shock, I had the chance to read the numerous new responses that my post had received after being put in the newsletter. Let me just say that, overall, people on the Web CAN be among the nicest people you'd want to meet. Everyone was full of great suggestions and positived feedback and "Hang in there"-type messages. I've been thrilled with the support I've received. (No sympathy job offers yet, but I'm still hoping!)

On the homefront...

It's been real busy at home as well. We're constantly in the middle of cleaning up after three kids (and me, too, I suppose). This weekend, my oldest daughter K had her first indoor soccer game. She had a great game and scored 3 of her teams 5 goals. Unfortunately, they lost, but for their first time out, I thought they did great!

Tonight, she's off at a slumber/birthday party, so we took the other two out for a nice dinner at Carrabba's...I love that place! I had the Spiedino di Mare (shrimp and scallops with spiedini sauce) it was good!

Tomorrow, we're having the twins' 4th birthday party at McD's. For those parents of toddlers out there, I highly recommend this strategy. The kids have a blast running around the Play Place, McD's provides plates and a cake if you want, PLUS you get the added bonus of not worrying about whether your house is spotless before the party and they take care of cleanup afterwards! (Needless to say, I'm quite pleased with the decision to have the party there tomorrow.)

Hmmm...what else?

I've been watching a fair amount of sports over the last few nights...especially the Sony Open in Hawaii. I've especially enjoyed watching Michelle Wie play. That girl is good and she's only freaking 14 years old!!! I really wish she could've cut one more stroke off her score and made the cut for the weekend.

Earlier today, I watched most of the KU/Texas A&M game and am happy to report that KU escaped with a victory. Unfortunately, Missouri and North Carolina both won too, so that kinda sucked.

Last night, the wife and I watched S.W.A.T. with Samuel L. Jackson, Collin Farrell and LL Cool J. It was a fun movie and, as is the case with most action flicks, the plot was a bit of a stretch, but we enjoyed it nonetheless.

Tonight, we're supposed to try to watch X-Men 2, but who knows if we'll actually get around to it or not. (I'm quite happy watching golf right now and wishing I was in Hawaii myself.)

I hope this has made up for my lack of posts over the past few days, and I'll try to find something more entertaining to post about for next time.

Any suggestions from the peanut gallery???

Until Next Time...