Monday, January 19, 2004

Modern Movie Marvels

Now that all my colleagues are sitting at the airport preparing for their trip to tropical Minnesota, I find myself with the freedom to post away. I should probably be doing this from the wireless network, but what the hell...I'm feeling like taking risks today.

So a couple of weeks ago we were sitting around the lunchroom here at the office and talking about movies and someone couldn't remember the actor who played Carl Showalter in Fargo (one of the brothers from the woodchopper scene), but couldn't remember the character's name at the time either. Finally, the guy who asked the original question realized it was Steve Buscemi.

Now, we all knew he'd been in a bunch of movies, but I didn't realize exactly how many until I checked out my favorite movie Web

I figured he'd done 25-35 movies or so. Man was I wrong!

Steve Buscemi has been in 82 movies!!! And, not only has he been in 82 movies...but he's been in 82 movies since 1984!!! That's almost 4 movies per year.

I challenge anyone to find a modern-day actor who has appeared in more films in that same span of time.

My first thought was other character actors...guys like Ed Harris. Sorry're not even close. Ed's only been in 53 movies since 1977. He started seven years earlier than good ol' Steve and he's almost 30 movies shy of the guy!

So head on out to and see if you can do better than my buddy and pal, Steve Buscemi. (OK...I don't really know Steve, but that would be cool.)

Until Next Time...(which is a subject for another upcoming post)