Tuesday, January 06, 2004

North or South Carolina On My Mind?

We all know which one Roy Williams had on his mind, but can anyone tell me what James Taylor was talking about?

I'm listening to "Carolina On My Mind" on my Windows Media Player right now and the question struck me, so now I'm asking my dear readers to help me. Sure, I could probably go find the answer somewhere, but why not let you do all the work?!


Just got back from picking up my car and it was less than $200...thank you thank you thank you! I still need to figure out where and why it's leaking oil, but that will be another bill for another day.

Saw a good idea at Cornelia's blog and I plan on doing this one of these days...if you have a blog and Blogrolling, pick one of the sites you've blogrolled, and click on one of their blogrolled sites, sending comments and adding them to your blogroll as you go, until you add another 10-15 sites. She does a much better job of describing it than I am right now, so go check it out. (Not that I couldn't do a better job, I'm just lazy.)

While I've acknowledged that I am a sports fan, I've chosen not to go into great detail about the whole Pete Rose thing. (For the record, I think he should be allowed into the Hall of Fame based on his on-the-field performance. The rest of it, I'm not so sure about.) I'd much rather talk about the Chiefs chances in the playoffs and off-season baseball moves and what the Royals and Orioles are doing to make their teams better.

Also...did you know that today is the 10-year anniversary of the Tonya Harding-ordered attack on Nancy Kerrigan? That blows my mind that it's been that long.

That's about enough for now...I think I'll go play some poker for a little bit before I head home.

Until Next Time...