Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Not Too Shabby

My day, that is.

I couldn't be all that great considering I had to go to work and all, but even that was bearable today.

Today I went to lunch with my friend Don at a local bar & grill that has free pool during the lunch hour. It's pretty much where we go every time we get together for lunch and, sadly, Don was the victor today by a couple of games.

I'd say both of us are above average pool players and I think I can explain why...but I'll do that in a minute.

Anyway, after work I had to go to our local laundromat to pick up our laundry. You see...every so often when the laundry just gets out of control, my wife and I decide to spoil ourselves and take advantage of their drop off service. You bring in the clothes and they'll wash, dry and fold them for's awesome!!! Expensive yes...but still awesome. So we don't do it all that often, but when we do, it's great.

Once we got the kids to bed, I actually went to the gym! (It's ok...really...try not to slip into a state of shock.) I thought I was going to die after only 10 minutes of my planned 20-minute bout with the elliptical trainer, but once I got to 10, I knew I could get to 15 and then it was like 20 was right around the corner. It also helped that there was a college basketball game on the TV.

Not just ANY basketball game mind you, but Kansas at Kansas State. Now, I have to say that as much as it sucks to be a KU football fan when these schools play each other, it is the polar opposite during basketball season. Tonight, KU extended a remarkable winning streak.

You see...the last time that Kansas State won a home game against the Jayhawks...well...K-State's starting freshman point guard this year was two years away from being born!!! Yep...that's right, KU hasn't lost in Manhattan since 1981! I love KU basketball!

And, what could I do to top off such a great day? Why, updating Play By Play of course! So there you have it...another stellar (cough, cough) entry from your ol' pal Joe.

Until Next Time...