Friday, January 30, 2004

Off To A Good Start

I'm not sure why, but I'm in a REALLY good mood today. Maybe it's because it's Friday. Maybe it's because I didn't drag my ass out of bed until 7:45 this morning. Maybe it's because I brought in Lamar's doughnuts to work for the team. Whatever the reason is, I'm going to enjoy it, because lately...especially at work...good moods have been tough to come by.

So let's see...last night was fun oldest daughter, K, had a music/PE performance at her school. She obviously had a GREAT time and it was fun watching her.

The only negative right now is how freaking cold it is!!! They've been talking, on the local news, about how we could get the worst snow storm in a decade over the course of the next week. GR-EAAA-T. Can you tell how excited I am about that one?

In other good news, though, I found a guy who's going to make copies of two of Jackopierce's more recent live shows and one of them was with Vertical Horizon...VERY COOL!

Well...I guess I should actually get to work now (with the occasional blog-surfing in between, of course!).

Until Next Time...