Monday, January 26, 2004

Rite of Passage

Last night, I celebrated a great moment in my relationship with my oldest daughter, K.

Sunday, January 25th, 2004, marked the first time we've ever played the real Monopoly board game together. We've played Monopoly Jr. before, but that doesn't really count.

I'll admit that we didn't play the "long version" of the game, but we did play the short version where you deal out all of the properties before the game starts.

I played fair with her and suggested some fair trades. I started out with one monopoly (the oranges) and she started out with all four railroads. I decided to not build any houses on her first trip around the board and once she was past New York Ave. (the last of the orange properties) we started making trades.

And my daughter did me proud...she kicked my ass!!!

In case I haven't mentioned it before, Monopoly is my all-time, without a doubt, favorite board game. I absolutely loved playing the game as a kid. (I started playing against my mom at age 5 and was beating her by age 7.) I've never played in a tournament, but would love to do so at some point in my life.

I have several different Monopoly sets including the Millennium Edition, which I opened for the first time last night to play with my daughter. It's actually pretty cool. It's no Franklin Mint edition which I will someday get for myself, but it's still fun.

So anyway, last night was fantastic and I look forward to playing it again...maybe we'll play the long version when we have more time.

Blogging Frequency
I've found myself wanting to read other blogs and post more often during the day, but that's probably not the best idea. I figure it's possible that someone in IT is reviewing users' Web surfing habits. My question though, is do they actually do that?

Any IT people care to share their companies' stance on this? (Without naming names of course!)

Until Next Time...