Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Wow...That's Humbling

So it's almost 5:00 here in Kansas and I decided to check the site that tracks my blog traffic. I know I'm not supposed to care about how many hits or comments I get, but let's be realistic...everyone does it.

I may not be so eager to do that anymore. Total hits for the day as of 4:54 PM CT...

0...Zip...Zero...Zilch...Bubkus...you get the idea.

I'm more than a little disappointed to be honest. I actually thought my Steve Buscemi post was one of my better ideas yet and should have drawn a few comments/visits.

Apparently not.

The urge to blog is dimming quickly, I must say. But I'll try to stick with it a little bit longer.

Until Next Time...(if there really is a next time)