Sunday, February 29, 2004

Quick Reminder: Go Watch ESPN Dream Job

You know you'll read all about the Oscars tomorrow...go check out ESPN Dream Job and prepare to be impressed by Kelly Milligan...and go vote for anyone BUT Kelly at the Dream Job site.

That is all.


Saturday, February 28, 2004

It's Laundry Weekend!

I've spent the better part of the last two days doing laundry and am hoping to finish the rest of it up tomorrow. It's great to get it all done, but to be honest, there's not enough room in my kids' dressers for ALL of their clean clothes. God forbid I actually start hanging things up.

Tonight, though, we took a nice little break to go to K's school for a chili supper/talent show/auction. K, along with six or seven other kids, all sang "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" and seemed to have a good time doing it. They were the first act up, so she got to spend the rest of the time just running around with her friends.

As for the auction, that worked out pretty well for us, too. It was mostly a silent auction and I snagged a $100 gift certificate for our cable/internet/phone company for only $46. I should have picked up the other one for $50, but oh well.

I also managed to win (with the only bid) a gift pack from a local radio station. Inside was a t-shirt, coffee mug, two key chains, a couple of bumper stickers and a bottle of water. But wait! That's not all! Also included were the latest CDs from Maroon 5 and Nickelback.

Ohhh...but there's more!
Also included in this little bag of goodies was Train's Midnight Moon concert DVD. I've been a pretty big fan of Train's since I first heard them on one of the AWARE compilation CDs, but have never seen them live...this should get me pretty close.

And what did this lovely prize package cost me at auction?


That, my friend, is what we in the business call a good deal.

So this brings me to my next point...there are several DVDs sitting on my shelf that I haven't watched yet. They are, in no particular order:

Animal House -- I know, I know...I'm probably the only male over 30 on the planet who has never watched this entire movie.

The Best of Will Farrell -- OK, I just got this a couple of weeks ago, so I have an excuse.

24: Season One -- My brother-in-law loaned this to us and I haven't watched it yet...I really should.

Midnight Moon -- Cut me some slack! I just picked it up tonight!

So I'm not terribly behind on my DVD viewing, but I do need to watch some of those.

Tonight, though, I am going to try to improve on my 10-0 record with the Falcons in Madden '04.

Have a great night all!


Friday, February 27, 2004

Movin' On Up...

Dan's list of blog links!

Thanks Dan!


Slip Slidin' Away

My oldest daughter, K, and I did a whole bunch of water sliding on our trip to the Great Wolf Lodge, while my wife and the other two pretty much hung out in the little kids' pool.

All in all we had a great time at the water park and at the hotel in general. I'm really glad we splurged for the Kids Cabin Suite that had a separate kids sleeping area with a bunk bed and daybed. It made bedtime for the kids that much easier and we were still able to watch TV. I also managed to get started on the new Brad Meltzer book, The Zero Game.

Speaking of books, I also just finished Grisham's Bleachers. The book was VERY short...163 pages with quite a bit of blank space on the pages...didn't take long to read at all. The story was ok, but there just wasn't much to it. I can't honestly say that I'd recommend it. I was hoping for something more like his book, A Painted House. I'm sure that Meltzer's book is going to be better. Then it's on to Grisham's latest, The Last Juror. I'll let you know how they turned out.

But Wait! There's More!

Yesterday, I had two phone interviews before we headed off to the hotel. The first one went alright, but the interviewer admitted that he's slightly concerned about my lack of experience selling advanced technology solutions. I still hope to convince him otherwise, but it could be a longshot. The second one went much better and I have a second interview next Friday. I'll be sure to let you know how that goes.

Oh yeah...don't forget to watch ESPN Dream Job this Sunday night at 10:00 ET (9:00 CT, 8:00 MT, 7:00 PT)! ( can just logon and vote for someone other than Kelly.) Actually, the same instructions go for all of you. Let's make sure Kelly gets through to the next round. And if you really want to help him out, vote for the person you think is Kelly's toughest competition!

I'm not done yet!
And, yeah, this is REALLY important. I have been kicking some serious ass at Madden 2004 lately. I started a new season managing the Falcons franchise. And, I'm proud to say that I went undefeated in the pre-season and am 6-0 so far in the regular season. Of course, I'm sure I'll lose the very next game I play now that I've posted this, but it's been a fun run so far. The best part is that I've done it without Michael Vick who got injured in the first game of the regular season. Now I have the itch to play some Tiger Woods Golf as well.

Whew...this has been my longest post in a while! I still need to catch up on everybody else's blogs tonight. I'll be doing that while waiting for some of the neigborhood kids to come by on a scavenger hunt tonight.

Should be fun!

Have a great night everyone and to think I still have two more days of weekend left!

Enjoy yours!


Wednesday, February 25, 2004


It's Wednesday! It's Wednesday! It's Wednesday! Yea!!!!!!!

Why am I so excited? Because I'm taking tomorrow and Friday off and taking the family here. And, we'll be staying in one of these rooms. We're definitely going to have some fun!

Work was busy as hell today and this is really the first chance I've had to read or post much of anything.

Took one of the new guys to Papa Keno's for lunch today. This is my all-time favorite pizza place. They first opened in Lawrence during my freshman year back in 1989-1990 and then opened a location here in Overland Park in 1994-1995. If you're ever in Lawrence or Overland Park or Denver, I strongly recommend it!

Right now, I'm listening to Kelly Milligan being interviewed on The Ticket down in Dallas...pretty good stuff. I'm really eager to see Sunday night's show.

This leads me to American Idol from last night. There's no way that LaToya (not Jackson) doesn't make it. She was awesome. I personally liked the girl from Carolina, but I know a lot of people liked Leah LaBelle...I think those three will be the ones they bring out as the leading vote-getters tonight.

That's it for to you later!


Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Music Meme this idea from Cornelia first today and also saw that Java Diva was doing it.

Step 1: Open your mp3 player.
Step 2: Put all of your music on random.
Step 3: List the first ten songs it plays, no matter how embarrassing.

Here are mine:

1. JoDee Messina: Saturday Night
2. Norah Jones: One Flight Down
3. Vertical Horizon: Heart In Hand (Finally! One I really like from one of their older albums.)
4. Norman Blake: Man of Constant Sorrow (instrumental) (I'm glad I only borrowed that soundtrack from my neighbor and didn't buy it...I really only like the full version of this song and some of the Allison Krauss songs.)
5. Al Walsh: Life Is Grand (Al used to be in the Pat McGee Band and made a very mellow solo album...not too bad...has a semi-spiritural feel to it.)
6. Montgomery Gentry: Trouble Is (I picked this up for less than $5 at a used CD store for the song "Daddy Won't Sell the Farm" which I like for some reason...probably all of my farmer uncles that have stuck with it for so many years.)
7. Barenaked Ladies: Alcohol
8. The Outfield: One Hot Country (I honestly don't think I've ever listened to this track from their greatest hits CD -- don't laugh)
9. Matt Nathanson: Answering Machine (He's an AWARE artist that appeared on the AWARE 8 compilation CD.)
10. Hootie & The Blowfish: Little Brother (This is from their latest CD which I really liked quite a bit.)

OK...that's enough for tonight! I like this game and may play it again later.

Have a good night all!


Much Better

So today is going much better than yesterday, at least from a consciousness perspective. I actually made it to bed before 11:30 last night.

That was after watching KU get their ass kicked by Texas last night. It has not been a pleasant season for KU basketball fans and I really wish Roy were back here. I know I should just get over it, but I'd like to wallow in self-pity for just a little bit longer.

I also spent last night going through a ton of cassette tapes that have been sitting in my basement for a while. The goal was two-fold, to get rid of most of the stuff we don't listen to anymore (which was most of it) and also to see if I could find my audiotapes from my college broadcasting days.

Fortunately, I found the one that had most of my stuff on it and one piece of it would be pretty useful if I go for a weekend DJ job here in town, but on the other hand, it's so old and I think I'd do so much better now, I'm hesitant to use it. Also, the tape is from me doing sportscasts instead of actually music DJ stuff. Not really sure how I want to proceed with that one.

I also found most of the live concerts that I'd traded for over the years...some are higher quality than others. I got REALLY excited though when I found tapes labeled Dave Matthews Band at Benchwarmer's which was a little sports bar in Lawrence when I went to school there back in the early 90s. I was totally psyched when I popped it in, only to realize that I'd labeled the tapes to send to someone that had the show to make a copy for me, but I must have never sent them.

Oh well. But that is a new goal of mine to see if I can track down someone with that show who could make a copy for me.

Other Stuff

I'm taking a 1/2 day off today, but in small increments. I got here at 8 and am leaving in mere moments for an appointment, then will go to lunch with my lovely wife. I plan to be back in the office by 1 and then leaving at 3:30 for my daughter K's parent-teacher conference.

In my tired state last night, I completely forgot to try out for Super Millionaire again, so I guess I missed that big opportunity. (I need to go over to the Wheel of Fortune site to check out their tryout information.)

Well...I really have to go now.

Until Next Time...


Monday, February 23, 2004

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

OH my god, I'm tired.

Ya see...after I watched Dream Job last night, I ended up playing in a "multi-table" poker tournament online starting at about 10:30 or 11.

I didn't go to bed until 3:30.

There were about 1700 people that started the tournament and I managed to finish 23rd. Not too shabby. I should have done better, but made a stupid call to lose at the end. (It was partially guts and partially a feeling of, "If I lose, at least I can go to bed."

The late hour, of course, led to my not getting up and to work by 7 this morning as I'd hoped.

ESPN Dream Job Update's the quick rundown.

Kelly wasn't even on last night!

According to an e-mail from his wife, ESPN decided sometime this weekend that an hour (or 75 minutes as it turned out) wasn't enough time to have all 12 do their own SportsCenter anchor bits. So, they split the group up into two groups of six and voted off one person last night and one more next week. From that point on, though, there will be two people eliminated each week.

After watching the show, I think Aaron Levine (the self-described Jewish Asian guy) was really good as was Mike Hall (from University of Missouri). Somehow, Hall was the one that the public said they wanted voted off. This makes no sense at all. The only thing I can figure is that people got confused and voted for who they liked instead of who they didn't like. That's the only way that makes sense. I mean, he wasn't the best, but he was FAR, FAR, FAR from being the worst!

I thought, for sure, that Michael Quigley was going to get voted out. It was painful to watch him. His voice annoyed me, his energy annoyed me and the fact that he has no neck didn't do him any favors. He received two votes from the judges.

That left two votes for Chris Williams. I know he got off to a rough start, but I thought he had infinitely more potential than Quigley did. He also received two votes from the judges.

And, at this point, I should probably fill you in on how the voting actually works. There are five votes, one each for each judge and the "public" vote counts for one as well. If there's a tie like there was last night, then an unknown group of ESPN executives will make the final "cut" via a red phone hotline. Unfortunately, Chris was the one cut by said executives.

The good news out of that is that Quigley made it to the next round and I don't see how he'll make it past there.

There were two other contestants last night, as well.

Maggie Haskins, one of two women on the show, did a great job writing, but needed to be a little more confident on camera. She has a shot though.

Nick Stevens is a writer/comic who I thought did a good job with the exception of being a little long winded in his setups and transitions. I was surprised at how negative the reaction was for him by the in-studio judges.

Sorry for lack of links, but to see all of the contestants, you can click here and go to the Wendy's Finalists Bios tab at the top of the screen, then mouse over the little people figures at the bottom to see pictures and learn more about them.

That's it for now, folks.

Until Next Time...


Sunday, February 22, 2004

Step Away From The Blog...

And go vote for anyone BUT Kelly Milligan on ESPN Dream Job!

The show starts in about 1 minute.

Watch and lend your support to my friend and former neighbor, Kelly Milligan!

Thanks to everyone for their support!


Saturday, February 21, 2004


Gee...have I mentioned how frustrated I am with my job situation?

Every once in a while it hits me how much I enjoyed my job last year, how much money I made then (and am not making now), how much I enjoyed meeting my clients in person, etc. I also enjoyed the travelling for the most part. I obviously missed my family when I was gone, but I appreciated them that much more after being in a hotel room for two or three or four days in a row. But I liked the opportunity to see other parts of the country.

Unfortunately, though, because last year was my first full year of travelling, I wasn't really able to take advantage of frequent flier programs, etc., except for the Marriott points that I racked up that were pretty good.

So what "figures" about this whole situation?

Today in the mail I received a packet from Northwest Airlines congratulating me on reaching Silver Elite status. The most important benefit of which is unlimited free upgrades to first class. And now I'm not travelling anymore. Damn!

I hate to let such a nice little perk go to waste, so instead I'm going to let that serve as my incentive to get my ass in gear and find another sales job that I'll enjoy doing.

So if any of you out there know of any companies who are looking for business-to-business sales staff...especially those based in the midwest, please, please, PLEASE let me know!

Thanks for letting me vent (not that you could stop me anyway, but if you're still reading, what I really mean is thanks for reading.)

Have a good one!


Friday, February 20, 2004


Let's see...what's new with you?

I would have won my bet as we had more than two people miss the meeting this morning. I don't know if there will be any ramifications from this (just like using that word), but I'm glad I don't have to worry about finding out.

Came into work this morning and someone had rearranged my workspace into a not very productive layout (in my opinion). Turns out the same person had randomly rearranged a ton of other crap. And this isn't just some low-level was our Director of Sales. So I re-arrange it back to the way I had it and went to lunch. Came back and he'd done it AGAIN! I'm going nuts over here!

Of course, I didn't have too far to go to get to the going nuts stage because I'd just figured out that new carpet and vinyl in our kitchen is going to run close to 3 grand. DAMN! I'm really not getting that digital camera now.

So tonight I'll be finalizing our taxes and submitting those so that I can get the money back to pay for the floor. Unfortunately, it's not going to leave much money in our savings account.

But enough about money. I'm going to win the lottery this weekend anyway...I think it's about $30 million. Yeah...that should be enough!

The Friday Five didn't do much for me this week either, so I've elected not to participate (for now).

Man...I really can't wait for 5:00 to get here!

Well...back to my proposals that I've been working on.

Have a great night everyone and for those of you who don't blog on weekends, remember to watch ESPN Dream Job and vote for anyone but Kelly Milligan!

Until Next Time...


Thursday, February 19, 2004

Early Morning Meeting Tomorrow

But does that stop me from staying up late and blogging? Of course not!

Yes, tomorrow morning we have a 7:30 "breakfast" meeting with a CEO. Keep in mind that we are in SALES. In case you don't know many salespeople, most of us aren't that good at getting into the office real early.

I'm betting that at least two of the ten people are late or miss this meeting entirely. Now I'm hoping that I don't help myself win that bet.

ESPN Dream Job Update's the latest on my friend Kelly Milligan's quest for an anchoring job on ESPN's SportsCenter.

First, and most importantly, on this show you're voting AGAINST people. So whatever you do...PLEASE DON'T VOTE FOR KELLY MILLIGAN!!!

As I understand the rules, you can vote for one person that you think should be eliminated and either one or two people will get booted on the first show.

Second, you must have a valid ESPN ID to vote online or you'll be able to text message via Verizon Wireless. For the online voting, this means if you don't have an ID, you'll need to register to get one. Now, I registered a new ID the other day and made sure to check/not check the boxes that would result in the fewest number of e-mails and since then I've only received one e-mail welcoming me to

Once you vote for that week's show, it won't let you vote again under that ID. In fact, you'll have to clear your computer's cookies to even re-login under a different ID. I, personally, plan on voting under my wife's name as well.

And, oh yeah, when you do vote, you're registered to win a new Mazda 6.

Third, just a bit of for whoever you think is going to be Kelly's toughest competition in the long run.

Fourth, you can vote now if you'd like...which, if you ask me, is a bit odd. How can people vote if they haven't even seen the people yet? (I mean, how can people who have no bias towards anyone that is.)

Well...I think that's enough Dream Job stuff for now.

Other Stuff
Earlier today, I was dead on with my prediction for my actual activity for tonight. So far I've blogged AND played Madden 2004 (Final score: Atlanta (me) 65, Oakland 0).

I also forgot to mention that I also got The Best of Will Ferrell DVD. Haven't watched it yet, but it should be funny.

The wife and I still have two movies that I rented on Valentine's Day that we haven't watched yet...American Wedding and Down With Love. I'm pretty sure we'll like American Wedding. Has anyone else seen Down With Love (with Renee Zellweger and Ewan McGregor)?

Until Next Time!


60 Degrees!

Yep...we broke 60 today and I am celebrating by wearing shorts and sandals at work.

Now that I'm no longer trying to impress anybody and they've made it abundantly clear that I have little or no chance at promotion here, I figure why try to impress? Just do my job as best as I can, maintain a relatively positive attitude, and everything should be ok.

So I am comfy as hell right now, sitting in one of our enclaves in a comfy armchair, blogging from the privacy of our neighbor's wireless network, listening to ESPN Radio online and drinking a Mr. Pibb.

Life is pretty good.

Of course, tomorrow it's only going to get up to 42 and it may snow. Go figure.

Had lunch with my friends Don and Joe today. The French Dip sandwich was alright, but the au jus to dip it in was pretty bad. And the service was spotty at best. It was my first time to that restaurant, so I'm not that eager to go back.

Last night I went and played a few games of pickup basketball at the gym. Both games, my team got its ass kicked, but I thought I played alright. We play to 25 (by 2s and 3s) and in the second game I had 8 points including two 3-pointers.

Then I came home and played Madden 2004 and chose the Falcons since Michael Vick is without a doubt the best player on that game. Playing against the Raiders who were coming off a Super Bowl appearance, I managed to score 49 points as the Falcons in the course of a game with 4-minute quarters. Final score: 49-7.

I really should go work out tonight instead of reading/blogging/playing video music games. Chances are, though, that I'll do one of the latter.

Unfortunately, I don't really have much of substance to say so far today. Maybe I'll have this brilliant idea between now and the time my kids go to bed.

Have a great day everyone!


Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Happy...Hmmm...I've Got Nothin'

OK...Monday was Dad's retirement. Yesterday, my birthday.

Today? Just another freaking Wednesday.

I'm supposed to be working on some documents that are due on Friday and I'm just not motivated, because really, it's just a bunch of copying and pasting and re-formatting from one existing document to another.

I'd like to give a little hype to DewNut today. DewNut is the latest addition to my Blogroll. He lives in Maine which is somewhere that I've always wanted to visit.

So after I got back from lunch with a former co-worker (where I kicked his ass at 9-ball), I've been blogging and listening to the Dan Patrick Show on ESPN Radio.

Dan's on vacation this week, but he has Scott Van Pelt filling in alongside regular co-host Rob Dibble (aka Ron, Rex, Raoul, Rod, etc.) I gotta say that Dibble, a former major league pitcher, cracks me up.

Today we learned that his dog likes to watch porn on his (Rob's) plasma big screen TV. (It's a 90-pound black lab in case you were wondering.)

How I would love to be one of the producers for a show like that. I'm very jealous of Phil the Showkiller.

Well, I guess I should get back, or start, to work on that project now.

Have a good one all!

Until Next Time...


Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Happy Birthday to Me!

OK...I really don't want to do anything to overshadow my post from last night about my dad's retirement.

BUT...if you can't promote your own birthday on your own blog, then really...what's the point of it all?

So yes, my friends, today I am officially 33-years-old.

I share a birthday with my cousin Bo, my mother-in-law, Michael Jordan, Paris Hilton(!!!), Jerry O'Connell (fat kid from Stand By Me), Rene Russo, Denise Richards , Jim Brown and Hal Holbrook to name a few.

So happy birthday to my whole birthday buddy gang!

And thanks to my friend Dan for the public happy birthday wish over on his site. (Dan...did you ever think that maybe you guys lost because I wasn't there?)

I had a great lunch at a local steakhouse called The Hereford House with my wife today. Then had a cookie "cake" at work in the afternoon.

For dinner, my wife made some cheese-filled penne pasta along with salad and garlic toast...YUM!

As for presents, I got the latest Grisham and Brad Meltzer books that I'd really been wanting from my in-laws. They also gave me a new golf glove. My lovely wife got me two new storage racks for my CDs that I'd been wanting. I also got an indoor putting green to practice on. And, oh yeah, a new sweater that I love.

And to top it all off I got a birthday cheesecake!

Thanks to everyone that wished me a happy birthday today...back to reality for me tomorrow. (But at least it's a WARM reality with a high temperature of 58!)

Until Next Time...


Monday, February 16, 2004

Happy Retirement Dad!

So today was spent celebrating my Dad's retirement after 34-1/2 years with the same company. He started there when he was 24 years old and has really seemed to enjoy himself for the most part during that entire time.

I've probably never told him this enough, but I've always been very impressed with his dedication to his work and the fact that he did it so well. At the same time, he got along great with the people that he worked with. There were well over 100 people at phase one of the retirement party today. Very cool stuff.

In thinking about my dad and his retirement the past few weeks, I've come to the realization that as much as I love my dad, I don't know THAT much about him. I don't know what his favorite sport is. I don't know what his favorite movie is. Who his favorite athlete is. I've never talked to him much about the time he spent in Vietnam. Or about his college days. Or his high school days.

Dad's always been Dad. He's been there for me my whole life. Whenever I really needed something he'd help me out.

But I want to know more about him.

So my goal for the next few years is to continue to learn more about him and who he really is on the inside. What makes him tick? Those kinds of things.

I'm thrilled that he has the opportunity to retire at such a young age and am really looking forward to spending more time with him in the future.

Anyway, I could ramble on and on, but I think I've made my point.

Congratulations Dad...thank you for everything you've always done and enjoy your retirement to the fullest. I know I'm looking forward to spending more quality time with you.


Sunday, February 15, 2004

Did Ya Miss Me?!

Wait...don't answer that!

First, let me wish everyone a belated happy Valentine's Day! I hope you all had a great one and if you didn't...well...just remember it's an overcommercialized piece of shit holiday anyway.

That being said, I completely surprised my wife with a white gold ring with three topaz stones in it. We had carry-in from Pizzeria Uno and I stuck the ring in an empty carry-out box that she thought had the bread in it. She was completely floored. Yay!

So let's see...what else is going on. Today's been real busy around the house just doing housecleaning crap, laundry, etc. I did take my daughter K bowling with two of her friends, so that was fun too. (Except for the part where they had KU getting slaughtered by Nebraska on TV.)

Tomorrow is my dad's big retirement party, so I'm taking the day off. The parties (yes, that's plural) don't start until the afternoon, so I'm going to start the morning by picking up some doughnuts for the kiddos (one of whom is spending the night at the neighbor's house). Then, I might go to a Career Fair that's being held nearby in the morning. That's a BIG might though.

I didn't even stop to read anyone else's blog before I wrote this entry, so that's what I'm off to do now. (I haven't been online since I sent that file I was working on the other day. I was up til 4 in the morning on Saturday finishing it up.)

Anyway, I hope everyone had a great weekend and I probably won't be posting again until Tuesday.

See ya!


Friday, February 13, 2004

Consistency...Not My Strong Point

Let's review Joe's bedtime for the last three nights and see if you notice any semblance of a pattern:

Tuesday Night: 1:45 a.m.
Wednesday Night: 10:20 p.m.
Thursday Night: 3:00 a.m.

You got it! There is none!

Last night I was up til 3 working on a freelance project (data processing basically...nothing exciting). The sad part is, I'm not even close to being done. It's turned into a very manual process which really sucks. He has to have it by 9 a.m. tomorrow morning. Yikes!

Other areas where I'm inconsistent? Bowling...that's for sure. In fact, a few of my friends now say they bowled a (insert my last name here) series if they are wildly inconsistent. Here's an example of what I've been known to do. One time in college I was bowling a three-game series. The first game was a 167 or something like that, the next game was a 289 and the third was something like a 142. I couldn't get a 600 series with one game that was almost half of that. Pretty sad really.

So today I need to fight the urge to work on my side project while at work. I also need to go get a Valentine's Day card for my lovely wife and also see if I can get a babysitter for tonight or tomorrow (the last part's not likely, but I've gotta keep trying).

Oh yeah, somewhere in there, I still need to figure out what to get my dad for his retirement on Monday. ARRRGGGHHH!!!

One of these days I plan on making a more substantive post, but it just hasn't been in the cards lately.

I was going to do the Friday Five, but the questions just weren't that appealing to me today.

Thanks all and have a great Friday!

Until Next Time...


Thursday, February 12, 2004

So THIS Is What A Good Night's Sleep Feels Like

Yep...I actually went to bed at a reasonable hour last night! I was in bed by 10:20 and asleep by 10:30 (at the latest). On top of that, I even went to the gym and played a game of pickup basketball (man I suck!).

So today I'm feeling pretty good about things. Especially with the days getting longer and the weather slowly getting warmer (albeit not today).

Also managed to watch American Idol last night and I was right on with my predictions of who would move on. Now we have to wait another week for the next group.

I'm starting to re-consider my digital camera purchase plans. With me no longer getting commissions every month, money is a lot tighter than we're used to. I'm sure there are other more practical things that we can apply that $500 to. Sigh. Lack of money sucks!

Anyone have some good, but legal, ideas on how to make some quick money on the side?

Until Next Time...


Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Not Grasping The Concept

You may recall last night's post bemoaning the fact that I was feeling really tired at 9:36. One with common sense (as opposed to egalitarian sense) would take that as a sign to go to bed and get some sleep.

Guess what time dumbass Joe went to bed? (Dumbass Joe is me by the way.)

A whopping 4 hours later! Yep...I didn't go to bed until almost 2:00 in the freaking morning. That's REAL smart...really going to help you be motivated to get up at 6 and go work out in the morning (which is something I haven't done for almost two weeks).

So, of course, I'm dragging my ass today (not literally) just to make it through the work today. I'm determined to go work out tonight after I drop off K at CCD. I am also going to renew my efforts to go to bed before 12 at the latest and ideally by 11 and then follow that up by getting up earlier in the morning.

I'm still not much closer on the retirement gift idea, although if I can find a good deal on a hammock, I'm kinda liking that as a possibility.

The weather has finally warmed up a little bit and some of the snow has started to thaw...I even went to the car wash yesterday. But, of course, that couldn't last...tonight it's going to drop down to 6 degrees. NIIICE. I can't wait for spring to get here.

Things on the book front have slowed a bit. I'm starting to doubt my subject and if it's really marketable or not. Having the responses slow down from my interview requests have also discouraged me. I know I need to have patience, but that is so not my style. I'm going to keep pushing on for a little bit longer, but am starting to like the idea of a novel a little bit more.

The one thing this blog has succeeded in doing is getting me to write on a regular basis. Sometimes the results are better than others, but if I can get things rolling again, I'll feel pretty good about it.

American Idol Update
I've never watched American Idol before this season, but I have to admit that I'm hooked on the show and am pretty disappointed I didn't watch last year.

It's also nice because it's something that both my wife and I like to watch together. We'll also watch CSI and Friends, but American Idol actually sparks some conversations about musical style, etc.

Anyway, after watching last night, I would have voted for the 16-year-old girl and also for Fantasia, the girl at the end. The others were alright, but none of the guys really jumped out at me (thank god for that!). I really wanted to like the guy who sang "Walking In Memphis" since I really love that song. He did alright with it, but you could just tell his voice wasn't that strong...stronger than mine, yes, but not strong enough to be an American Idol type.

That's enough for today's rambling post during normal working hours.

Until Next Time...


Tuesday, February 10, 2004

OMG I'm Old!!!'s only 9:36 and I'm tired! What the hell's wrong with me?! It sucks getting old.

Since my car post was a colossal flop, I'm moving on.

Now, I need your help. I'm trying to figure out what to get my dad as a retirement gift for next Monday. He loves golf and boating, gambling and watching sports. I can't decide whether to get him something sentimental or practical or fun or what.

He's not into books, music or computers at all.

Any ideas? Ideally, I'd like to keep it under $100.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks all!

Until Next Time...


Blog It Forward

Buzz has declared today another Blog It Forward Day and I'm going to do my part dammit!

Pete Beck: I like reading about life on the West Coast, but what's really got me going lately is his photoblog. I've been doing some major drooling over his camera lately and have been blown away by the quality of some of the photos. Good stuff...go check it out.

Random Thinks: I think I found Doc's blog through Weblog Review or some such site. Doc's a Mac guy and I'm intrigued by the world of Apple and the Mac. It's been years since I've used one. I think the computer labs in college had Macs and our first home PC when I was a kid was an Apple IIe way back in about 83 or 84. He's a smart guy and I enjoy reading his stuff.

Rude Cactus: Chris is about my age and is a big music lover from the DC/VA area where I have some family. I like some of his photography too, and since I'm preparing to buy my first digital camera, I like reading up on posts such as his.

If you have a blog of your own and haven't BIFed yet today, be sure you do!

And don't forget my car questions dammit!

Until Next Time...


New Study Reveals Bloggers Don't Drive

So far Don has been the only person to respond to the car questions and he doesn't even own a blog so the above scientific study still stands.

If you get a chance, check out the previous post and let me know what you drive. (I REALLY want to know dammit!)

Let's see...last night bowling went well except it took way too long (due to lane maintenance issues). I won all three of my matches and averaged around 193 or so. Considering I only bowl three or four times per year, I can live with that.

Today I'm going to meet my wife at the mall for lunch and to look for a retirement gift for my dad who is retiring next Monday. (I'm SO jealous!)

That's enough random stuff for now.

Until Next Time...


Monday, February 09, 2004

Ooh! Ah! Ouch!

Yep...that's how I felt when I got out of bed this morning...just a wee bit sore from yesterday's sledding activities. And it's worth every little twinge.

Today's been my typical day at work. I've been doing a little more writing and creative stuff in my new position which I like, but I'd still rather be selling. I'm currently in the process of revising all of our software proposals and creating templates and the like to make it easier for our reps to get cost estimates out the door quickly, yet professionally.

Had lunch with a couple of the reps today and had a few moments where I was actually grateful I wasn't still in sales. These guys are under a total microscope. Bi-weekly meetings to evaluate their sales pipelines, increased quotas...real fun stuff I tell ya.

I wish I could just quit and work on the book full time. Unfortunately, that's just not going to happen anytime soon.

I'm bowling with Don and Dan tonight so that should be fun. Then maybe we'll watch the KU game afterward.

Then I need to get to work on some more book-related stuff...send out a few e-mails and see if I can come up with the basic structure that I'll use for the book. It's going to be non-fiction that will have a few stories going on at once, but I need to determine which one goes first.

Question for you: What kind of car do you drive? And would you recommend a friend buy a newer version of the same car?

Me? I drive a '92 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. It runs fine and is moderately clean. Has low miles for a car that's 12 years old (haven't hit 80K yet)...but I desperately want a new car and know we just can't afford one right now. We're still paying off the minivan and will continue to do so for another couple of years.

I thought about this subject this afternoon while at the mall and they have a ton of new cars scattered around the mall from one of the local dealerships...mostly BMWs and Volkswagens.

Anyway, one of the cars was a black VW Passat with a lease price of $229/month. I could totally dig that. I've always bought my cars, but leases are very tempting.

So Question #2: Do you buy new or used cars? If new, do you buy or lease? Why?

Please post your answers in the Comments section for the whole world to see!

Until Next Time...


Sunday, February 08, 2004

A day of rest?

I thought Sunday was supposed to be a day of rest. Not so for me today!

Got up this morning and did some more laundry and then moved on to finish up organizing our paperwork in our office. (Fun! Fun! Fun!)

Let's see...after that, took all the kids outside to play in the snow and ran around pulling them on the sled on mostly flat ground.

Came inside and gave J & L their baths and put them down for naps.

Took K to a bigger hill at the nearby junior college to do some more sledding. Did that for about an hour or so.

Then we went to the neighbor's for dinner and to let the kids play.

Came home from there and gave K a bath and finally got them all in bed.

Just now got around to checking e-mails. Got one response back from one person and am waiting for a response from the other. So out of three requests I've sent out, I have one definite on board, one not sure and one unknown. If I can get 2 out of every 3 requests to agree to be interviewed, I'll feel pretty good about things.

I've managed to update my notes document and have to keep reminding myself to back it up so if my hard drive ever crashes (like my coworker's did this week), then I'm safe.

I'm off to catch up on some other blogs and will try to do some more research for the book.

And, oh yeah...I should really go to bed early. (Probably not going to happen though.)

Until Next Time...


Saturday, February 07, 2004

Book 'em Dan-O

OK...this is a good sign. 24 hours later and I'm still just excited about this book idea as I was when I came up with it.

I've already started interviewing one person and have sent out requests for two more. Given how big a procrastinator I am, this is big news for me.

I also sent out a resume for a new job this morning and have knocked off about 4 loads of laundry. (And I even managed to squeeze in an online poker game that I won.)

All in all a pretty productive day.

Heading off to K's soccer game in an hour or so, so right now I thought I'd update my blog (duh!) and catch up on some others while watching the golf tournament at Pebble Beach.

Until Next Time...


Friday, February 06, 2004

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Just wanted to give Andy a little "pub" for his blog and his current quest for facial hair.

Go on over and check it out.

OK...back to my book research.

Until Next Time...


Yea! Wait...Damn!

So today's been an up and down kind of day.

Started out pretty well this morning when I got an e-mail from Pat McGee Band announcing that they have a new CD coming out this spring called "Save Me" and it had a link to three of the new songs and a video.

This will be their second release on a major label and after listening to these songs and watching the video, I've got a really good feeling about this for them. I think the whole country is going to know who the Pat McGee Band is by the end of this year. (I mean...not my dairy farmer uncles or anyone like that...but you know...those music-listening people).

So go on out there and check it out when you get a few minutes and let me know what you think!

Shortly after that, I was struck with what I think is a great idea for a book. I've always wanted to write one and now I think I have my topic. I'm not going to share too much now, but I'll let you know more down the road. I gotta say that I'm really excited about this.

So all was well and good until this afternoon when I found out that I'm not getting the other internal position I was going for. I have most of the things they are looking for...especially knowledge of our solutions...but not enough account management experience. Damn. I'm pretty bummed about it.

BUT...while I was in the meeting to find out that I didn't get the job, my cell phone rang (or buzzed) and I let it go to voicemail. Turns out it was Hal Becker...the speaker at the sales seminar I'd attended on Tuesday. I'd sent him an e-mail thanking him for the great seminar and he called back to answer some of my questions because he said he doesn't like sending e-mails. I never expected that! So, it was good to hear a positive message so quickly after the bad news I'd just received.

So...this weekend's going to be spent doing family things, but also getting started on this book idea of mine...and, of course, blogging and playing a little poker (some things will never change!).

Until Next Time...


Thursday, February 05, 2004

Give Me Just A Minute

Holy Crap! Charlie is sending people over here to LEARN something! I gotta get this place cleaned up!

What on earth can I teach you people that you haven't already learned from those older and/or wiser than me?

Of course, Dan's always a good teacher too I think. (Of what, I'm not exactly sure.) what can I teach you? Let's see...

A pound of feathers weighs EXACTLY the same as a pound of bricks.

Baltimore is the only city to have two different sports teams with the same nickname relocate there. (The St. Louis Browns became the Baltimore Orioles and later on the Cleveland Browns became the Baltimore Ravens.)

They like to arrest tourists who are stupid enough to gamble when they're underage in Deadwood, SD.

Tying a string to a locust is cheaper than buying a radio-controlled airplane.

Lightning bug rings have no resale value.

The actor who played Cooter on The Dukes of Hazzard went on to become a U.S. Senator (or Representative, I'm not totally sure).

Plaid pants and striped shirts rarely make a positive fashion statement.

There is no way to be "good" at roulette.

The boy Wonder Twin always had to turn into some form of water and the girl Wonder Twin always had to be some kind of animal.

We interrupt this important education session so that I can put my kids to bed...

OK class...settle's time to learn again. (Have I mentioned...DAMN YOU CHARLIE!!!)

Baseball is the only sport where the ball doesn't do the scoring. (Basketball goes through the net, golf ball goes in the cup, football crosses the goal line, hockey puck enters the get the idea...if you don't...just go over to study hall.)

Facetiously is the only word where all five vowels (and "y") appear in sequential order.

Space Ghost rocks.

Cinnamon rolls.

My old boss' maiden name was Wendy Thomas...the same name of the girl the Wendy's fast food chain is named after.

I have three kids and all of them were born 7 weeks early.

Chandler Bing's middle name is Muriel.

I can kick your ass at Monopoly.


OK...if you haven't learned anything by now, then there's nothing else I can do for you.

Have a good night!

Until Next Time...


Battle of Shaker Heights

After I did about 15 minutes of Tae Bo last night (talk about comedy!!!)...I plopped down on the couch to watch the previously mentioned Battle of Shaker Heights.

I really wanted to love this movie...but when all is said and done, I can't honestly say that I do. I's an alright movie, but it could have been so much better if the directors had a) stuck closer to the original script and b) had more time and budget to produce.

I didn't really care for the directors on Project Greenlight, but I still wanted the movie to succeed...more for the writer and for the actors...especially Shia LaBeouf. The kid is real good and I think will be a great actor.

On the Project Greenlight front, I was pleased to learn yesterday when I went to get the link for my blog, that the series has been picked up for a third season by Bravo. HBO had already announced that it would not be picking up the third season and Miramax was rumored to be considering dropping the series, but it looks like Miramax has stepped up again and there will be another season. Yea!!!

Battle of Shaker Heights can be best described as a coming of age comedy...but it also has its dramatic moments. LaBeouf plays a teenage World War I re-enacter that reverts to being the smart-ass outcast in a school setting. He meets a rich kid during one of the war re-enactments and proceeds to get a huge crush on the kid's older (and engaged) sister.

There are some real funny lines...the opening 10 minutes are among the best of the movie, but unfortunately, it can't keep up the pace. I'd say it's still worth a rental or watching on HBO someday, but I'm kinda glad I didn't spend the money at the theatre.

In other news...

It's SNOWING!!! We only have about 2-3 inches (sorry ladies...oh, wait, we're talking about snow)...but it was enough to cancel school today. I'll admit the roads were kind of slick when I drove in to work this morning, but I was lucky and it only took me about 15 minutes to get here. Not too shabby.

I'm going to "work" from home for a couple of hours this afternoon so the wife can go take care of some things and then I'll probably be back in the office by 3 or so.

That's about it for now...I'll try to come up with something a little more creative in a little while.

Until Next Time...


Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Almost Home

OK...this'll be a quick post since it's almost 5:00 and time to go home.

Sounds like we're having potato soup tonight for dinner...YUM!!!

K has CCD tonight and the neighbors are driving, so I don't have to worry about that.

American Idol is on tonight...will probably watch that while helping little boy J and little girl L on the computer.

After the kids go to bed, it's off to work out for me and then back home to blog and/or play poker online while watching a movie. On Saturday, before we were supposed to get the "big snow storm," I went to Blockbuster and stocked up on movies, including the latest Project Greenlight movie, The Battle of Shaker Heights. I really enjoyed the series and have been looking forward to seeing the movie for quite some time. I'll try to review that tomorrow.

This is all pretty boring, but I'll try to come up with something better either later tonight or tomorrow.

Until Next Time...


Tuesday, February 03, 2004

My New Favorite Super Bowl-Related Quote

“There’s now going to be an FCC investigation into the nipple.” -- MTV Chief Executive Tom Freston

(I have nothing left to say.)

Until Next Time...


Getting Motivated

Even though I am not currently officially in sales, I figured it doesn't hurt to continue your professional development. This is why I chose to spend the $100 to attend a 3-hour sales training seminar by Hal Becker.

It was put on by the Kansas City Business Journal and I must say that I couldn't have been happier with the results (unless, of course, I'd met someone who offered me a new job).

After my lackluster results last year, I was starting to doubt my selling style which can be described as laid-back, conversational...very non-confrontational or aggressive. I like to build the relationship and ask detailed questions with the hope of identifying the right solution for my clients. And, if we don't have a solution to meet their needs, I want to be honest about that rather than trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

Becker seems to subscribe to that same school of thought.

My biggest problem last year was not enough cold calls. As Becker said this morning, it's a numbers game. The more calls you make, the more prospects you get and the more sales you'll make. I just didn't play the numbers game well enough.

Sure, there could have been better training...oh, wait...there could have been training, period. But I truly believe I could have overcome that with more dedication to making calls. Unfortunately, it's too late for that in this job, but I won't forget it when I get my next opportunity.

As for the lack of training, well...that's why I signed up for this seminar on my own. I'm the only one who's going to look out for me.

I didn't network as much as I would've liked, but I'll get better at that. I plan on attending some other Business Journal functions as the year goes on.

After the seminar, I was able to meet an old friend for lunch. He and I used to work together at my first job and he still works there...across the street from where the seminar was held. It was good to see him again and get caught up on each other's lives.

The session really helped my motivation this afternoon, too. I've made about 10 calls already and have achieved more at work today than usual. (To put this in perspective, I usually knock one of these posts in about 15 minutes and I've been working on this one for over 2 hours now off and on.)

Let's see...what else?

Oh yeah...a while back I posted about my friend making the ESPN Dream Job show.

Here's some more info on that.

Last night, the 12 finalists for ESPN'S Dream Job were officially announced to the world, and Kelly Milligan of Plano TX is among those who have been selected from over 10,000 applicants nationwide... Starting on February 22, Kelly WILL be competing for the ultimate prize-a job as an ESPN SportsCenter anchor!

20% of the vote for who gets to stay (and who gets booted) at the end of each show is from viewer voting. We're not sure if the vote will be during the live broadcasts of the show (starting 9PM Central February 22nd) or can be at anytime after the show airs-but the bottom line is that we need as many "Kelly" supporters as possible voting to make sure he is secured a place in each subsequent show and therefore, closer to a shot at the big prize!

If you will, PLEASE send this email to EVERYONE you know... we can spread the word across the world and give Kelly a little bit of an advantage.

Last but not is the link to the site where you can see the bios of the finalists and read up on the show. Check back on the site often for updates!

There is also an article in the SPORTS section of USA Today it is:

Any support you can give to Kelly in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will be greatly appreciated!

Well...I think that's enough excitement for one day.

Until Next Time...


Monday, February 02, 2004

Not Much Going On

The title pretty much says it all.

I muddled through work today...wishing I could spend more time blogging and searching for jobs. I haven't been real active on that front lately.

I did finally get a call back on one of my applications through Monster today, but the base salary just wasn't enough even though the job sounded fairly interesting.

On the positive side, I have applied for another internal position, but this time in account management. It's not sales, which means no big commission checks, but I sould get to continue meeting with clients and working with them on a day-to-day basis, which is really what I enjoy most. Hopefully, this will happen.

Tomorrow, I'm taking the morning off from work to attend a sales seminar put on by the local business journal. Part of it is to get myself motivated and maybe learn something and the other reason is to network. You never know who you might meet. Sure, it's $100 out of my pocket, but if it turns into something good, it will be well worth it.

Right now, I'm just watching the KU/Missouri game with KU up by 1 in the first half. Commercial break and just saw the first promo for ESPN's "Dream Job" show and it had a short clip of my neighbor growing up (not of him actually growing know what I mean). This is way cool. It starts three weeks from yesterday.

Anyway, about the KU/MU game...KU has a chance to really put a dagger in MU's season. Right now, the only way I can see the Tigers making the NCAA tournament is if they win the rest of their Big 12 games OR they win the Big 12 tournament...and neither of those is likely. That would just make my year as a sports would even make up for the Chiefs loss in the playoffs.

Oh more thing. I've updated my links and added a few blogs to the blogroll. The new link I added was for "This Week In KU History." It's a site that was developed and is managed by a former boss of mine and I'm real impressed. If you're interested in learning more about KU history (duh!) and want to see some old pictures and old newspaper articles, go on over and check it out.

That's enough for tonight!

Until Next Time...


Sunday, February 01, 2004

Joe's Super Bowl Blog

One thing I've always enjoyed most that Bill Simmons writes are his running diaries of given events. Now, I'm no Bill Simmons, but I figured I'd give it my best shot with today's Super Bowl. (I can assure you there will be multiple interruptions for my kids, dinner and the like.)

5:00 p.m.
CBS' Greg Gumbel and Phil Simms sign on. Just a bunch of worthless pre-game chatter. Kinda like this entry at this point.

5:03 p.m.
First commercial: California Cheese. I don't think there's anything else I can add to that.

5:11 p.m.
Just got through the second set of commercial's and the McDonald's one was pretty good, actually. The guy in the commercial accidentally used a Quarter Pounder w/Cheese wrapper instead a fabric softener sheet in the dryer and later on walked by his wife in her newly McCheesed shirt and started ravaging her. Pretty original I thought.

5:14 p.m.
Wow...I had no idea that today was the anniversary of the Space Shuttle disaster last year. Josh Groban sang a song in honor of the flight and crew of the Space Shuttle Columbia. Kinda cool stuff.

5:17 p.m.
Beyonce Knowles sings the national anthem. She's good, but not especially moving. At the end of the anthem, there was a flyover by what looked to be Apache helicopters.

Have you ever thought of what goes into coordinating those flyovers? Let me tell you, it ain't easy. They are way cool, but there is a ton of radio contact and timing is critical to making it work right. My hat's off to everyone involved in producing the in-game activities down in Houston. I know what it's like on a regular NFL game day...this has to be 10 times more stressful.

Pizza Hut commercial with Jessica Simpson and the Muppets. As expected, if it includes Jessica Simpson, it's probably not going to be that great...not even the Muppets could save this one.

5:23 p.m.
They just introduced the team captain's and I was surprised to see Rodney Peete named as one of the co-captains for the Panthers. He went to my wife's high school here in Kansas City and was in my brother-in-law's class way back when. That's kinda cool.

And while I was writing this, I totally missed who won the coin flip. Guess we'll find out in a minute.

5:28 p.m.
Looks like Carolina won the toss as they're receiving the opening kickoff.

5:30 p.m.

3 and out for the Panthers and a big return past midfield for the Patriots. Bill Simmons must be loving this.

5:37 p.m.
Pats kicker Adam Vinatieri MISSED a 31-yard field goal!

Wow...didn't see that one coming.

5:39 p.m.
First promo for Janet Jackson at halftime. Man, she's gorgeous.

5:41 p.m.
Early on, the Pats defense looks to be dominating...another 3 and out for the Panthers including a sack of QB Jake Delhomme.

5:43 p.m.
Another commercial break. Good god, man. So far, the McD's one is my favorite.

5:47 p.m.
Can you say, "Defensive Struggle"? The Pats go 3 and out on their second possession. Still no score in the ball game.

5:48 p.m.
Guess what?! It's another commercial break! Yippee! (If they were good commercials, I wouldn't mind so much.)

5:51 p.m.
CBS just threw up the total yards stat. More than halfway through the first quarter and Carolina has 2 total yards. OUCH.

Good news and bad news...they more than doubled their offensive production with that drive...but only by a yard. Another 3 and out for the Panthers.

The Pats will start again with excellent field position on the Panthers side of the field.

5:53 p.m.
OK...another commercial break and the H&R Block spot with Willie Nelson was pretty good. Not the Willie Nelson part, but the Don Zimmer ending was pretty good.

5:56 p.m.
CBS is using a camera setup called "Vision" that allows you to get a 360 degree view of any given play. Kinda cool stuff.

Just had our first shot of the back of two non-players on the sideline. I know these TV producers can see what their cameramen are shooting before they put it on the air AND can talk to them. How do these things happen?

The Panthers just stopped the Pats for a huge loss and forced them to punt again, but the Panthers are forced to start inside their own 10.

3:04 to play and there is still no score.

6:02 p.m.
I have to take a break to see if I can find out how you can tell if ground beef is bad. (I'm not kidding.)

6:04 p.m.
I'm kinda proud of myself. Turns out it's ok that the ground beef isn't red all the way through.

And, as an added bonus, I didn't miss anything in the game (big shock). Panthers have punted again. (OMG this is boring.) Would someone please have a big play?!

6:08 p.m.
End of the first quarter and there's no score. Welcome to the Not-So-Super Bowl.

6:16 p.m.
I'm starting to feel grateful that I didn't make that bet on the Panthers...although the 7-point spread might still be enough.

Delhomme just got sacked again and the Panthers had to punt again.

In another commercial break, they just had an ad for Pepsi where they're highlighting a promotion with Apple's iTunes. You can win a free song download from iTunes with a Pepsi purchase and the ad said "Starting Today."

Well...I won my first song yesterday from a fountain drink cup at 7-11. I'd never used iTunes before, but it seems cool enough. I haven't figured out yet, though, whether I can import my Windows Media songs into iTunes. Anyone know?

The other tough part was picking one song out of a bazillion. I mean, I've already bought the CDs of most of the songs I want.

I ended up downloading Randy Travis' "Forever and Ever, Amen"...I've always liked that song and I guess I was in a bit of a sappy mood last night.

Have you won a song in this promotion yet? If so, what did you download?

6:21 p.m.
With just under 12 minutes to go in the first half, neither team had converted on a third down attempt. The Patriots just did for the first time after that stat went up.

At the same time, though, the Panthers have ZERO yards of total offense.

6:32 p.m.
8:48 to go in the half and there's still no score. I'm taking a break to have a chili dinner with the family. Blogging will resume momentarily. (Not that you'll notice, as I'm doing this in one big post instead of a hundred tiny ones.)

6:44 p.m.
OK...dinner's still not quite ready.

Vinatieri missed ANOTHER field goal and was setting himself up to become the goat for the Patriots. But then the Panthers fumbled and the Patriots have scored first on a Tom Brady touchdown pass.

NOW dinner's back in a bit.

7:40 p.m.

Before I get to what we missed at the end of the second half, I have to pass along this "gem" from Phil Simms. "One thing history's taught us is that a lot happens in the second half of the Super Bowl."

Really??? I had no idea! I always thought the second half just didn't matter. I's not like they determine the winner at the end of the second half or anything...oh...wait.

So back to the game. When I left, the Patriots had scored first to make it 7-0 with about 6 minutes left in the first half.

The Panthers came back on a LONG pass play from Delhomme to Steve Smith to tie it up with about 1:40 left in the half.

The Pats followed with another long drive of their own and another TD to make it 14-7. Then, with about 25 seconds left, the Panthers managed to get to the Patriots 35 and kicker John Kasay converted the 50-yard field goal to make the score 14-10.

The Halftime Show
Now, I love Janet Jackson...but could they have been more obvious about the lip-synching? She was followed by P. Diddy and Nelly. They were lip-synching too, but there was a little more energy to the mix, so I thought they pulled it off alright.

Kid Rock was the best part of halftime (and no, I don't own any of his CDs). I actually think he might have been really singing. If not, he sure did a better job of selling it.

They wrapped up with Janet Jackson singing Rhythm Nation. Again, I'll watch her dance all night long, but this was no live vocal performance. The "mystery" guest that I'd heard about was Justin Timberlake performing with Janet. Now, I can actually tolerate Justin Timberlake (no, don't own his CDs either)...but I thought he did a much better job in the performance department than Janet.

Oh yeah...halftime also brought the best commercial of the night so far. It was for the NFL Network and it opened with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones consoling Bill Parcells and he started singing "Tomorrow" from Annie. Cut away to a bunch of other NFL players not playing today, such as Warren Sapp, the Chiefs' Priest Holmes, Dante Hall and Trent Green, Ray Lewis, etc., singing the rest of the song. The tagline, "Tomorrow, we're all undefeated." or something to that effect. Good stuff.

7:51 p.m.
OK...nothing's happened in the second half so far and I'm trying to win Father of the Year award right now.

I've allowed my kids to change the channel to HBO Family for the end of "Little Lulu." (It's the only TV in the house with all the pay channels on it.)

Then I'll get these guys off to bed. I'll be back in a bit.

8:00 p.m.
My next door neighbor calls me to tell me he's sending my daugher, K, home from his house. Then he proceeds to ask if I watched the halftime show. I assured him that I had and he asks me the following, "Did you see B-O-O-B?" (Yes, he spelled it out because he didn't want to say it in front of his daughter.)

I told him, "Yeah...but they didn't show nipple or anything." How sad is it that I'm not more excited about seeing Janet Jackson's nearly exposed breast???

(In case you missed it, Justin grabbed Janet's outfit and ripped it to expose her pastie-covered (sp?) breast...a la Lil' Kim a few years ago.)

I'm sure it'll be much talked about over the next few days.

8:31 p.m.
OK...back from putting the kids to bed and apparently, I've missed two more scores. Each team added another touchdown, but the Panthers went for a two-point conversion and failed. Current score 21-16 Pats with 11:45 to go in the game.

8:41 p.m.
I just now realized how huge that failed two-point conversion is to the bettors on this game. If they'd have made it, a New England field goal still keeps the Panthers within 7. Now a field goal would make it 8 points...enough for New England to cover the spread.

And, as I'm typing this, Carolina intercepted Brady in the red zone. HUGE play for Carolina.

8:46 p.m.
Just realized something commenting on Janet Jackson's breasts earlier, I have probably just guaranteed a 200% increase in site traffic. (I think blogspot can handle the extra 8 people to read it.)

8:50 p.m.
Holy crap!!! What a HUGE fucking play by Jake Delhomme!

I think that was about a 85-yard touchdown pass to Muhsin Muhammad to give Carolina the lead.


They just said that the rookie who got beat on the play is still lying on the ground. If I were him...I wouldn't be getting up either. I'd have them carry me out of there on a stretcher with a Kevlar blanket over me.

Now there's 6:53 to go in the game with the Panthers up by 1. (I know that's not proper AP style to use numerals for numbers under ten, but who really gives a crap?)

I think those advertisers who bought "cheaper" ads in the 4th quarter are pretty happy right about now.

9:00 p.m.
New England fans are probably starting to get nervous now. Not because they're down by a point...but because the announcers just noted the fact that Brady has yet to be sacked this post-season. I'm betting he does before this game ends.

(So much for that theory...Brady just completed a long pass to get them to about the 25-yard line.)

9:05 p.m.
Patriots just scored to take the lead again...a 2-point conversion would push their lead back to 7 and be the same as the spread a few days ago.

And they converted on a direct snap to Kevin Faulk who walked right into the endzone. Pats by 7.

Time to see what Jake Delhomme is made of. 2:51 to go and the Panthers are down by 7.

9:11 p.m.
Time for the two-minute warning and the Panthers have already crossed midfield.

9:16 p.m.
Damn! You're going to have to give Jake Delhomme the MVP Award for this game...and I'm thinking about it even if New England wins. He's been awesome when it counts.

Just scored a TD on 3rd & 8 with 1:08 to go.

The big concern now? 1:08 is a lot of time for Tom Brady to get within Adam Vinatieri's range. (How big are the missed field goal and blocked field goal earlier in the game?)

9:18 p.m.
Are you kidding me?!

John Kasay just kicked it off out of bounds!!!

Pats get the ball at the 40 with all three time outs left! Good grief!

9:21 p.m.
I'm just wondering...if Vinatieri kicks a game winner tonight, will some New England fan make him his first-round pick in a fantasy draft next year?

Wow...huge penalty right there...offensive pass interference.

9:23 p.m.'s the situation. 14 seconds left in the game. The Patriots have the ball at about the 42, one time out left...3rd & 3.

(And I'm not doing this with the expressed, written consent of the NFL.)

Brady completes it (big shock) down to about the 22 with 9 seconds left and Vinatieri is coming in to attempt a 41 yard field goal. The earlier misses came from 31 and the block from 36. He hasn't made a FG today.

And now the Panthers call a timeout to try to ice the kicker. (Does that ever work?)

Just got an interesting stat...Vinatieri is 31/35 in indoor stadiums and all four misses were at Reliant Stadium.


9:27 p.m.
Pretty much the Panthers have to score on the kickoff.

9:28 p.m.
And they didn't...and this hellaciously long blog entry is over.

Thank you and good night!

Until Next Time...