Thursday, February 19, 2004

60 Degrees!

Yep...we broke 60 today and I am celebrating by wearing shorts and sandals at work.

Now that I'm no longer trying to impress anybody and they've made it abundantly clear that I have little or no chance at promotion here, I figure why try to impress? Just do my job as best as I can, maintain a relatively positive attitude, and everything should be ok.

So I am comfy as hell right now, sitting in one of our enclaves in a comfy armchair, blogging from the privacy of our neighbor's wireless network, listening to ESPN Radio online and drinking a Mr. Pibb.

Life is pretty good.

Of course, tomorrow it's only going to get up to 42 and it may snow. Go figure.

Had lunch with my friends Don and Joe today. The French Dip sandwich was alright, but the au jus to dip it in was pretty bad. And the service was spotty at best. It was my first time to that restaurant, so I'm not that eager to go back.

Last night I went and played a few games of pickup basketball at the gym. Both games, my team got its ass kicked, but I thought I played alright. We play to 25 (by 2s and 3s) and in the second game I had 8 points including two 3-pointers.

Then I came home and played Madden 2004 and chose the Falcons since Michael Vick is without a doubt the best player on that game. Playing against the Raiders who were coming off a Super Bowl appearance, I managed to score 49 points as the Falcons in the course of a game with 4-minute quarters. Final score: 49-7.

I really should go work out tonight instead of reading/blogging/playing video music games. Chances are, though, that I'll do one of the latter.

Unfortunately, I don't really have much of substance to say so far today. Maybe I'll have this brilliant idea between now and the time my kids go to bed.

Have a great day everyone!