Thursday, February 19, 2004

Early Morning Meeting Tomorrow

But does that stop me from staying up late and blogging? Of course not!

Yes, tomorrow morning we have a 7:30 "breakfast" meeting with a CEO. Keep in mind that we are in SALES. In case you don't know many salespeople, most of us aren't that good at getting into the office real early.

I'm betting that at least two of the ten people are late or miss this meeting entirely. Now I'm hoping that I don't help myself win that bet.

ESPN Dream Job Update's the latest on my friend Kelly Milligan's quest for an anchoring job on ESPN's SportsCenter.

First, and most importantly, on this show you're voting AGAINST people. So whatever you do...PLEASE DON'T VOTE FOR KELLY MILLIGAN!!!

As I understand the rules, you can vote for one person that you think should be eliminated and either one or two people will get booted on the first show.

Second, you must have a valid ESPN ID to vote online or you'll be able to text message via Verizon Wireless. For the online voting, this means if you don't have an ID, you'll need to register to get one. Now, I registered a new ID the other day and made sure to check/not check the boxes that would result in the fewest number of e-mails and since then I've only received one e-mail welcoming me to

Once you vote for that week's show, it won't let you vote again under that ID. In fact, you'll have to clear your computer's cookies to even re-login under a different ID. I, personally, plan on voting under my wife's name as well.

And, oh yeah, when you do vote, you're registered to win a new Mazda 6.

Third, just a bit of for whoever you think is going to be Kelly's toughest competition in the long run.

Fourth, you can vote now if you'd like...which, if you ask me, is a bit odd. How can people vote if they haven't even seen the people yet? (I mean, how can people who have no bias towards anyone that is.)

Well...I think that's enough Dream Job stuff for now.

Other Stuff
Earlier today, I was dead on with my prediction for my actual activity for tonight. So far I've blogged AND played Madden 2004 (Final score: Atlanta (me) 65, Oakland 0).

I also forgot to mention that I also got The Best of Will Ferrell DVD. Haven't watched it yet, but it should be funny.

The wife and I still have two movies that I rented on Valentine's Day that we haven't watched yet...American Wedding and Down With Love. I'm pretty sure we'll like American Wedding. Has anyone else seen Down With Love (with Renee Zellweger and Ewan McGregor)?

Until Next Time!