Saturday, February 21, 2004


Gee...have I mentioned how frustrated I am with my job situation?

Every once in a while it hits me how much I enjoyed my job last year, how much money I made then (and am not making now), how much I enjoyed meeting my clients in person, etc. I also enjoyed the travelling for the most part. I obviously missed my family when I was gone, but I appreciated them that much more after being in a hotel room for two or three or four days in a row. But I liked the opportunity to see other parts of the country.

Unfortunately, though, because last year was my first full year of travelling, I wasn't really able to take advantage of frequent flier programs, etc., except for the Marriott points that I racked up that were pretty good.

So what "figures" about this whole situation?

Today in the mail I received a packet from Northwest Airlines congratulating me on reaching Silver Elite status. The most important benefit of which is unlimited free upgrades to first class. And now I'm not travelling anymore. Damn!

I hate to let such a nice little perk go to waste, so instead I'm going to let that serve as my incentive to get my ass in gear and find another sales job that I'll enjoy doing.

So if any of you out there know of any companies who are looking for business-to-business sales staff...especially those based in the midwest, please, please, PLEASE let me know!

Thanks for letting me vent (not that you could stop me anyway, but if you're still reading, what I really mean is thanks for reading.)

Have a good one!