Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Happy...Hmmm...I've Got Nothin'

OK...Monday was Dad's retirement. Yesterday, my birthday.

Today? Just another freaking Wednesday.

I'm supposed to be working on some documents that are due on Friday and I'm just not motivated, because really, it's just a bunch of copying and pasting and re-formatting from one existing document to another.

I'd like to give a little hype to DewNut today. DewNut is the latest addition to my Blogroll. He lives in Maine which is somewhere that I've always wanted to visit.

So after I got back from lunch with a former co-worker (where I kicked his ass at 9-ball), I've been blogging and listening to the Dan Patrick Show on ESPN Radio.

Dan's on vacation this week, but he has Scott Van Pelt filling in alongside regular co-host Rob Dibble (aka Ron, Rex, Raoul, Rod, etc.) I gotta say that Dibble, a former major league pitcher, cracks me up.

Today we learned that his dog likes to watch porn on his (Rob's) plasma big screen TV. (It's a 90-pound black lab in case you were wondering.)

How I would love to be one of the producers for a show like that. I'm very jealous of Phil the Showkiller.

Well, I guess I should get back, or start, to work on that project now.

Have a good one all!

Until Next Time...