Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Much Better

So today is going much better than yesterday, at least from a consciousness perspective. I actually made it to bed before 11:30 last night.

That was after watching KU get their ass kicked by Texas last night. It has not been a pleasant season for KU basketball fans and I really wish Roy were back here. I know I should just get over it, but I'd like to wallow in self-pity for just a little bit longer.

I also spent last night going through a ton of cassette tapes that have been sitting in my basement for a while. The goal was two-fold, to get rid of most of the stuff we don't listen to anymore (which was most of it) and also to see if I could find my audiotapes from my college broadcasting days.

Fortunately, I found the one that had most of my stuff on it and one piece of it would be pretty useful if I go for a weekend DJ job here in town, but on the other hand, it's so old and I think I'd do so much better now, I'm hesitant to use it. Also, the tape is from me doing sportscasts instead of actually music DJ stuff. Not really sure how I want to proceed with that one.

I also found most of the live concerts that I'd traded for over the years...some are higher quality than others. I got REALLY excited though when I found tapes labeled Dave Matthews Band at Benchwarmer's which was a little sports bar in Lawrence when I went to school there back in the early 90s. I was totally psyched when I popped it in, only to realize that I'd labeled the tapes to send to someone that had the show to make a copy for me, but I must have never sent them.

Oh well. But that is a new goal of mine to see if I can track down someone with that show who could make a copy for me.

Other Stuff

I'm taking a 1/2 day off today, but in small increments. I got here at 8 and am leaving in mere moments for an appointment, then will go to lunch with my lovely wife. I plan to be back in the office by 1 and then leaving at 3:30 for my daughter K's parent-teacher conference.

In my tired state last night, I completely forgot to try out for Super Millionaire again, so I guess I missed that big opportunity. (I need to go over to the Wheel of Fortune site to check out their tryout information.)

Well...I really have to go now.

Until Next Time...