Friday, February 27, 2004

Slip Slidin' Away

My oldest daughter, K, and I did a whole bunch of water sliding on our trip to the Great Wolf Lodge, while my wife and the other two pretty much hung out in the little kids' pool.

All in all we had a great time at the water park and at the hotel in general. I'm really glad we splurged for the Kids Cabin Suite that had a separate kids sleeping area with a bunk bed and daybed. It made bedtime for the kids that much easier and we were still able to watch TV. I also managed to get started on the new Brad Meltzer book, The Zero Game.

Speaking of books, I also just finished Grisham's Bleachers. The book was VERY short...163 pages with quite a bit of blank space on the pages...didn't take long to read at all. The story was ok, but there just wasn't much to it. I can't honestly say that I'd recommend it. I was hoping for something more like his book, A Painted House. I'm sure that Meltzer's book is going to be better. Then it's on to Grisham's latest, The Last Juror. I'll let you know how they turned out.

But Wait! There's More!

Yesterday, I had two phone interviews before we headed off to the hotel. The first one went alright, but the interviewer admitted that he's slightly concerned about my lack of experience selling advanced technology solutions. I still hope to convince him otherwise, but it could be a longshot. The second one went much better and I have a second interview next Friday. I'll be sure to let you know how that goes.

Oh yeah...don't forget to watch ESPN Dream Job this Sunday night at 10:00 ET (9:00 CT, 8:00 MT, 7:00 PT)! ( can just logon and vote for someone other than Kelly.) Actually, the same instructions go for all of you. Let's make sure Kelly gets through to the next round. And if you really want to help him out, vote for the person you think is Kelly's toughest competition!

I'm not done yet!
And, yeah, this is REALLY important. I have been kicking some serious ass at Madden 2004 lately. I started a new season managing the Falcons franchise. And, I'm proud to say that I went undefeated in the pre-season and am 6-0 so far in the regular season. Of course, I'm sure I'll lose the very next game I play now that I've posted this, but it's been a fun run so far. The best part is that I've done it without Michael Vick who got injured in the first game of the regular season. Now I have the itch to play some Tiger Woods Golf as well.

Whew...this has been my longest post in a while! I still need to catch up on everybody else's blogs tonight. I'll be doing that while waiting for some of the neigborhood kids to come by on a scavenger hunt tonight.

Should be fun!

Have a great night everyone and to think I still have two more days of weekend left!

Enjoy yours!