Sunday, March 21, 2004

Dream Job Diary

Tonight they make the final cut to four before next week's last show.

Sounds like a lot of tough stuff is on tap for tonight: last minute highlights...and a sports quiz by Al Jaffe.

For some of these they've been given their "shot sheets" but haven't seen the video...the other piece, they haven't seen anything.

First up tonight...Mike Hall. This marks the first time during this entire contest that Kelly Milligan hasn't gone first.

His 2nd game is Xavier vs. Mississippi State...he already has the first shot sheet.

He did ok with the first one, and the second one was a little rougher. He said, here's the second shot sheet, which he probably shouldn't have said.

The judges went pretty light on Mike...he did an ok job overall. He did mispronounce Xavier, by saying "Ex-zavier" and got called out by Jaffe for that.

Next up, Kelly Milligan. I thought he did a great job! Two minor flaws...said first quarter, but corrected himself to say first half. Smooth transition to the second set of highlights for Kelly. He called one three-pointer just a little early, but did an ok job of stalling.

All in all, I think Kelly really did do a good job (and I'd have said that if he wasn't a friend).

Here's what the judges had to say.

Al called him out on two mispronunciations...Valparaiso and Violette. Kornheiser thought he didn't give the Xavier upset of Gonzaga enough play...thought he should have made a bigger deal about it. Kit and LaVar both thought he talked too fast and I'm guessing Kelly might agree with that.

I think he'll make the cut.

Next up: Aaron Levine.

Aaron had a scoring error in the last set of highlights, which I'm sure Al will nail him on. He also spoke kind of fast, but not too fast. He didn't seem to have a real smooth out from the last bit.

As expected, Al nailed him on the score error. Tony thought he was fine until the end when he really stumbled and Kit said the same thing. I missed LaVar's comments though.

Al's Sports Quiz was brutal...Kelly and Casey only got one each. They were all very tough. Kelly got ripped by the critics and now I'm getting nervous. This could be enough to cost him in the voting process, but I hope not.

Interesting occurrence after the Quiz.

Stuart Scott called Maggie and Mike up to the podium to ask them if reports from the New York Post were true that there was a romance brewing between the two of them. Maggie played it off rather cleverly, but they didn't exactly give an answer.

I'm really hoping that two of the next three really struggle. (Nothing personal guys.)

Casey's up now. Sounds very bored as he's giving the highlights. Almost screwed up the final score. Not impressed so far.

Next set is hard...he's off on timing. He mispronounced another name. He's really struggling with this one. Time to see if the judges see this the same way that I did.

Al's up first...liked his intro...had an error on the fourth quarter. Tony called him out on the name mispronunciations and faulted him for not making a bigger deal of the #2 upset. Kit was pretty nice to him. LaVar was pretty tough on his openings.

Maggie's going now...her lead in was alright. She said "Omigosh"...I just don't like that in my highlights. She called it the end of the first half when it was really the end of the second half.

And the judges's time for a commercial!

And we're back!

Tony raved about her intro, but she stumbled through the highlights. Kit liked her writing as well, but was critical about the rest. LaVar didn't like including "stupid" in her opening, he nailed her sniffling during her highlights. I caught that too, but let it slide. Al was very nice toward her and not very critical at all.

Now, the moment most of America has been waiting for...Zach Selwyn. He had funny comments about the IFB (earpiece) the highlights.

Zach did a good job on the Syracuse/Maryland game and did alright with the second set as well. He stumbled here and there, but overall did pretty good.

Next's vote time...and I'm scared to one really separated themselves tonight from the rest and I'm afraid the sports quiz could come back to haunt him.

Here's to hoping I'm wrong about this.

Commercial Break

DAMN!!!! Kelly and Casey are out...this sucks. The quiz really played a huge role in tonight's show. Casey and Kelly only got one right each and they were voted off by the public. The judges pretty much voted the same way. Kelly and Casey each got 4 votes and they're done.

Nothing more really to say on this right now...I'm going to go shoot an e-mail to Kelly and his wife.

Thanks to everyone for supporting Kelly during this whole thing. I'm sure I'll be watching next week, but with a lot less interest.

Blogger's Note: Please forgive the scattered nature of tonight's post. I didn't edit the post at all tonight and just put it out there for all to see.

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