Monday, March 29, 2004

Dream Job Finale

Before I get into the Dream Job finale, I want to say thanks to the Kansas Jayhawks and Coach Bill Self for a great season of basketball. The season came to an end today when they lost to a talented Georgia Tech team. After one of Georgia Tech's best players hurt his ankle in their game on Friday, it seemed that everyone in America was picking the Jayhawks to win today's game. That almost never turns out to be a good thing for the Jayhawks. And, today it didn't either.

I won't bore you with the details you can find at ESPN, but at least they managed to force overtime. As a result of the overtime, though, I ended up missing K's entire first softball practice. She was cool about it, but I did feel kind of bad. I'm going to miss tomorrow night's batting cage session as well, but this time it's for work reasons.

Dream Job Finale

Last week, I predicted that, since America would make the final decision this week, that Zach Selwyn would win. I figured his quirkiness and clever writing would win everyone over. What I didn't know at the time was that America only got to decide between the final two. You see, with the finale being a two hour show, the judges got to vote off two of the four people at the end of the first hour and THEN America could vote off the final person, leaving the winner.

With that bit of knowledge, I would have picked Zach to be one of the first two cut, solely for the reason that the ESPN execs wouldn't want Zach to win because they don't think it's really his "dream." Based on my previous opinions, Maggie should be the next one voted off, but who really knows with the way this thing is going?

Turns out, I was right. Maggie and Zach were cut, but let me say for the record that Maggie was far improved over any of her earlier appearances. For this week's show, each of the contestants were given $1,000 to spend as they wanted. Mike and Aaron each got new suits, Zach got a facial and Maggie had her hair colored, which I'll admit, made her more appealing on the show.

After Maggie and Zach were cut, Mike and Aaron each did a full SportsCenter segment with a "real" SportsCenter anchor. Mike went first with Karl Ravech and handled it like a pro. As part of the exercise, they both had random things thrown at them...breaking news with new shot sheets, live interviews, technical problems, etc. All of it a test to see how they come across on camera.

Mike did great and handled the intro without the TelePrompter almost flawlessly. He also had a good interview with Peyton Manning.

Aaron paired up with Linda Cohn and also did well, but I didn't think he did quite as well as Mike. His interview with Carmelo Anthony was a little choppy.

To make a long story a little bit longer, Mike Hall ended up winning the whole thing with 60% of the people voting to cut Aaron.

Other parts of tonight's show included another sports trivia segment between Aaron and Mike. (Aaron kicked Mike's ass!)

All four of the finalists did a real PTI segment with Tony Kornheiser. That was probably the most fun segment of the night. And, to start off, each of the finalists did play by play of a major sporting event.

If I'm inspired later this week, I'll post a more detailed review of what they did.

One final note on tonight's show was that judge LaVar Arrington wasn't there tonight due to a Redskins mini-camp. I don't think his vote would have affected the final outcome, but it was a bit strange going from four to three judges.

That's it for this season folks, and I'm off to bed.

Talk to you tomorrow.