Friday, March 26, 2004

Enough Already!

I'm embarrassed that I've had the blogrolling post up there for this long!

So today is Friday...what can we talk about?

There's no Friday Five today.

The NCAAs are going well for me in terms of the pool. Tonight I face a no-lose situation when Kansas plays. Let me say first, that I definitely want KU to win. I will never let my gambling interests take precedence over rooting for my alma mater.

That being said, if KU loses, I'll get rid of one of my toughest competitors in the bracket with my friends and also all the people who picked KU here at work.

Alabama beat Syracuse last night, but I don't think anyone in any of my pools picked either one of those teams to make it this far and certainly not Alabama. Oklahoma State and Connecticut also won. And so did St. Joseph's, which a lot of people picked as the weakest #1 seed in the tournament. I had them winning that game last night against Wake Forest and I think I'm the only one in my pools who had them alive this long. I do have them losing in the next round though.

In Other Sports News...
Given the fact that my blog has a sports-related name, I figured it was about time I spent a little bit of time on this subject.

Tiger Woods faces the very real possibility of missing his first cut in 6 years today at The Players Championship at Sawgrass. I was closer to 25 than 30 back then! And now I'm closer to 35! :(

On the positive side at that event, John Daly is currently tied for 4th. Daly is having a banner year after winning for the first time in nine years earlier this season.

Surprise Babe O' The Month
I couldn't resist. Last night, while making what seems to be my nightly run to 7-11 for more milk, I picked up the latest copy of Maxim solely for who was on the cover. I couldn't wait to take it home to show my wife.

So, "Who was on the cover?" you might ask!

None other than the sexiest yellow woman I've ever seen -- Marge Simpson.

Click on the Maxim link and click on the picture of Marge for more info.

I can't think of any way to top that, so have a great day!