Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Fun, Fun

OK...that might be an exaggeration.

I failed to get up early this morning. As I mentioned to Dew in an e-mail, it generally helps to actually set the alarm if you want to get up early in the morning. (The word "want" in the previous sentence might be a bit strong.)

So anyway, I ended up working from home while the plumber came out this morning and went to the gym to play basketball after that. I ended up playing for a good hour or so, which I desperately needed. I may go back tonight or I may head to the mall to get new glasses.

Speaking of the plumber, I think we have a winner! If anyone here lives in KC and needs a plumber, I'd recommend Rainbow Plumbing. I think you can find them on Switchboard if you need the number. This guy fixed our toilet, fixed the water pressure in our kitchen sink and installed a new shower head that I've been waiting too long to do...all for $89.

Any time I can have a service call under $100 and actually feel like they did good work, I'm going to be pretty happy about it. So there's Rainbow Plumbing's free promo o' the day.

And, let me just say, it's a good thing it's under $100, because I found out that my company screwed up and didn't get my last commissions onto this week's paycheck like they were supposed to. My boss is trying to fix it, but I'm seriously doubting that I'll see that money until another two weeks from now. Dammit!!!

Soooo....on that happy note, I think we'll call it a post and be done with it.

Have a great evening all!