Saturday, March 20, 2004

Live From Kansas...It's Saturday Night!!!

I only wish it was that exciting.

My parents just left to drive back to Topeka. They came up for K's first outdoor soccer game of the season and, may I say, she played very well and even scored a goal. I must tell you, though, that she was crushed to learn that this year's rules state that slide tackling is not allowed.

I'm not kidding! My 7-year-old girl's favorite part of soccer is making slide tackles. She was literally in tears after I told her. (Sadly, it doesn't take much to move her to tears...she throws fits easily, tears included.) Fortunately for her, those same rules also state that offsides will NOT be called this year. She is pretty bad about that, so this is a good thing.

After the game, we came back home and watched the NCAAs with all of the upsets (#2 Gonzaga and #1 Stanford lost today) and a little bit of golf as well.

We then went out for an early dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse and I had the Filet & Salmon. (Thanks Mom & Dad for picking up the tab!)

J & L were so tired at dinner that L tried laying down on her chair with her hand occasionally creeping over the edge of the table to try and grab a french fry. After we ate and were waiting to pay the bill, J was leaning against my wife's arm and was asleep by the time we left. He got his second wind though and is still going strong.

L, on the other hand, fell asleep on the way home and woke up when we brought her inside, but proceeded to walk straight to our oversized chair and fell right back asleep. I ended up carrying her up and putting her to bed at 7:00. We could be paying for this in the morning.

Insert Commercial Break Here

I had fully intended on posting my comments about the KU game and the rest of the Day 2 activity last night after KU played, but I was beat and was asleep by 11:30.

KU did indeed win and by quite a bit, so that was all well and good. I didn't fare near as well with my Day 2 picks or some of the upset picks, but I still have a chance at winning my pools (I think).

New Blog Update
I think I'll be adding the first blog of a famous person to my Blogroll later tonight. That blog is the one for NBA owner Mark Cuban. Apparently, he's using it to comment on officiating and is probably hoping he'll get in less trouble than spouting off in front of the cameras.

He's also using it to promote his upcoming reality series on ABC called, "The Benefactor." On this show, a set number of contestants will be selected and Cuban will, in the end, give one of them $1 million. There are no set rules and who wins is entirely at Cuban's discretion. He'll make up the rules, the games, etc. Should be interesting. I thought about applying, but probably won't do it.

Back to the point, though, Cuban's blog could be a fun read if you're into the NBA and especially if you like the Mavericks.

That's it for me. Time to put the remaining two kidlets to bed before I watch the rest of the Carolina/Texas game.

Have a good night everyone!

And don't forget to watch ESPN Dream Job tomorrow night and vote for somone like, oh, say, Mike Hall to get cut. (If friends of Mike are reading this, it's nothing personal...just looking out for the best interests of Kelly Milligan.)