Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Man, I Feel Good After Going to the Gym

So why don't I do it more often? Tonight, I took my oldest daughter, K, and her friend from down the street to CCD and headed straight to the gym where there's pickup basketball games going every Wednesday night.

Unlike last week, I didn't score any points, but I played two games and didn't get TOO winded. I played some pretty good D with a few steals and a few assists as well.

I feel so much better about myself after doing something like that, as opposed to doing something like playing Madden '04. (Speaking of Madden '04, I have that bug out of my system for a while after taking the Falcons to a perfect season and winning the Super Bowl last night. Michael Vick is God in that game.)

The other good thing about getting in some exercise is it gives me a little energy boost to catch up on other people's blogs, which I'll be doing momentarily.

Oh yeah...after I put the kids to bed tonight, I headed over to my local 7-11 to get my PowerBall tickets and there was a new scratch ticket game there. (How sad is it that I realize when they get a new kind of scratch ticket?) Now...I'm proud of myself for greatly reducing the number of scratch tickets I buy. I pretty much only buy a ticket or two when a new game comes out. The last time I did that, I won $75 on the first ticket I bought. That trend continued tonight when I won $30 on the first ticket I bought on the new game. Yay!

Let's see...what else?

Tomorrow, a few of my co-workers are heading to Cabo San Lucas for a week as a reward for exceeding their quota last year. I am SOOO jealous!!! While they are off soaking up the sun, scuba diving, playing golf, or whatever, I'll be sitting in the office trying to work diligently. ( that's going to happen.)

That's enough rambling for to everyone later.