Thursday, March 18, 2004

NCAA Tourney Update

Wow...what a way to end the first day of the NCAAs!

DePaul just took double OT to beat Dayton to wrap up the day's events. an added bonus, I'm pleased to report that in my office pool I've only missed two games so far...Arizona and Southern Illinois. I can certainly live with that, especially since I don't have either one going past the next round anyway.

My friend Dave, on the other hand, had quite possibly the worst first day in an NCAA pool that I've ever seen from someone who knows what they are doing.

Not only did Dave's alma mater lose (Arizona, who I really wish would've won), but he also lost not one, but TWO of his predicted Final Four teams in Michigan State and Florida.

Dave is currently under surveillance for fear he might hurt himself.

It's been a long day everyone...I'm going to go read a few blogs and hit the sack.

Look for the Day 2 Review later tomorrow night!