Monday, March 08, 2004

Search Engines Are(n't) My Friends

Just earlier today, I commented on this post over at Adelle's.

In case you didn't have the energy to click on over there, someone had asked for how to block your site from appearing in search engine results. My comment basically said that if it weren't for search engine hits for ESPN Dream Job, I wouldn't be getting any hits or referrers at all.

So tonight, I headed over to check out my stats and noticed that, sure enough, I've set a daily record for traffic to my site (67 unique hits...stop laughing Pete) and virtually all of it is from people looking for info on Dream Job and/or a specific contestant. In the last 11 hours, I've had 44 unique hits coming from search engines.

The flip side to this, though, is that NONE of these people leave any comments or any trace that they've been here. It's not like I'm paying for the site or anything like that, but I'm wondering if these people are finding what they want when they get to my site or end up going to find the information somewhere else.

Anyway...these are just the thoughts rambling through my head so I thought I'd share with you all.

Thanks for reading!