Saturday, March 27, 2004

Soccer & Swimming Saturday

Man today's been busy!

K's sleepover didn't go as planned and she called at about 9:30 wanting to come home last night. That was fine, so she came home and went straight to bed. I watched KU kick UAB's ASS last night by 30 points! I thought we could win, but didn't expect it to be so dramatic.

Today, the NCAAs have been kind to my bracket, but I'm playing catch up, so I think I'm better off if I just root for the Jayhawks.

K had her soccer game today and did absolutely GREAT! She didn't allow a goal during her time as goalie. She scored two of her team's three goals on her own and had the assist on the third. Her coaches were VERY pleased with her effort and so was I. The goals were great and all, but what impressed me most about her performance today was how hard she tried. You could tell she was running out of gas, but she kept on running and playing hard. I told her afterward that today I was most impressed by 1) the effort she gave 2) the assist on the goal for her teammate and 3) the two goals she scored. I didn't even get to touch on her goalie efforts. She's not the best athlete on the team, but she sure played her little heart out. I am so proud!

Then, 90 minutes after soccer, she had a swimming party to go to. Gee...think she'll sleep ok tonight?

Despite scattered rain showers today, I was able to find a break in the weather and grilled some boneless ribeye steaks for the family for dinner. Throw in the salad and some baked beans and we had ourselves a pretty good meal. I love grilling in the summertime.

That's all the time I have for today's post! Now I'm off to have some lemon meringue pie!

Hope your day's been as good as mine!