Wednesday, March 17, 2004

'Sup Dawg?

Man, it annoys me when Randy Jackson says that on American Idol!

Speaking of AI, K (wife) and I watched the results show tonight and I have to say that these things are starting to piss me off. I really enjoy the main shows on Tuesday nights, but tonight they managed to squeeze an hour and twenty minutes worth of ads into a results show that should have taken 10 minutes tops. It was bad enough when they stretched it out into 30 minutes and now they're doing an hour??? You have to be kidding me!

As for the results themselves, they finally announced the three lowest vote-getters and somehow Jennifer Hudson was one of them. How that happened I will never know. She was easily in the top six of the 12 performers last night. There are some days that I just don't get it.

Fortunately, though, Leah LaBelle (who looks nothing like Patti) was cut, which is fair based on last night's performances. She was easily the worst of the group.

At least now I can go another full six days without looking at Ryan Seacrest again. Yay me!

Oh yeah...Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!

I completely forgot about that this morning, so my oldest daughter, K, was overjoyed with the fact that she got to pinch me when I came home from lunch.

At least someone was happy about lunch today, as the only green that I had, I ended up giving away to the mechanic to fix my water pump...grand total $460. Damn.

Speaking of car problems...if anyone knows a good body shop in Maine, be sure to let Dew know.

You see...last night, I innocently enough responded to Dew's post about the forecasted snow by asking how much snow they ended up with. He kindly responded (as he always does) with the less than happy response that it was enough to get in an accident this morning. I didn't get anymore details than that, but seeing as how he was blogging and responding to e-mail, I'm assuming he's alright.

Work was busy as hell today, which left me no time to blog at all. Combine that with the goddammned WeBOGGLE that Natalie got me hooked on the other night and I've barely checked out any blogs and have definitely not been commenting as much as I should.

So tonight I am committing myself to at least 30-45 minutes of quality blogging time and posting at least five quality comments.

Tomorrow will be full of NCAA Tournament talk, but I promise to try to mix in some non-sports stuff for those who don't care about that kind of thing.

See you around the Blogosphere everyone!