Monday, March 01, 2004

Top 10 & Bottom 10 Teams/Athletes

Thanks to Charlie for this idea today.

Basically...who are your 10 favoritest teams (or athletes in individual sports) that you like to watch and then, who are the 10 teams you love to hate?

Let's start with the haters and work our way up to the good stuff. (These are in no particular order...I just don't have that kind of time to put into this right now.)

The 10 Teams/Athletes I Love to Hate

1. Indianapolis Colts (for the 10 years after they abandoned Baltimore in the middle of the night)

2. Duke Basketball (how does anyone actually like these guys???)

3. Missouri Basketball (I'm a there really anything else I need to say on the subject?)

4. New York Yankees (As a lifelong Orioles fan and more recent Royals fan (when they're not playing the O's), these are the guys to hate.)

5. Chris Barnes (He's a pro bowler that I bowled against in college...for some reason it's just fun to root against him.)

6. Dallas Cowboys (the Jimmy Johnson/Barry Switzer years)

7. Kansas State football (see #3 above...of course, with the beating we give them in basketball, it's almost bearable)

8. Nebraska football (Their domination in the 70s, 80s and 90s got old really quick.)

9. Any team coached by Steve Spurrier (He seemed like such a whiner at Florida.)

10. Mike Tyson (The man is a nut job!) on to the more positive vibe.

Top 10 Teams/Athletes I'll Pull For No Matter What

1. Baltimore Orioles (They've been my favorite team for my whole life.)

2. Tiger Woods (The guy is just so damned good and makes the game look easy...and his new Caddyshack-themed American Express commercial is pretty damn funny.)

3. Andre Agassi (I liked watching him play when I was in high school and to watch him enjoy the success he's had in recent years has been great.)

4. KU Basketball (See # 3 from the bad list.)

5. Kansas City Chiefs (I'll admit to not being a fan of theirs when they sucked in the 70s and 80s, but it's been a great time since the early 90s.)

6. Tom Watson (He's a Kansas City guy and super nice.)

7. The original Olympic basketball Dream Team (Man they were good!)

8. The Kansas City Royals (This has been a recent addition as of say five years ago when I found myself rooting for them even when they were really, really bad. The longer I live in this town, the stronger my ties have become to the Royals.)

9. Amleto Monacelli (Pro bowler...I don't even know if he's still bowling these days, but he did in the late 80s/early 90s. I think it was a combination of his unusual name and his unorthodox backswing that made me a fan.)

10. John Daly (The ups and downs this guy has gone through have been pretty amazing. It was GREAT to see him win a tournament a few weeks ago.)

Now, if we're just talking about who our favorite athletes are, I'd have to throw out this list (again, in no particular order).

1. Brooks Robinson (Hall of Fame 3rd baseman for the Orioles)

2. Cal Ripken (Future Hall of Fame 3rd baseman/shortstop for the Orioles)

3. George Brett (Hall of Fame 1st/3rd baseman for the Royals)

4. Frank White (Should be in the Hall of Fame 2nd baseman for the Royals)

5. Tiger Woods

6. Danny Manning (former KU/NBA star, current KU assistant coach)

7. Shaquille O'Neal

8. Johnny Bench (catcher for the Reds)

9. Mike Mussina (This violates the Yankee-hating rule above, but he started out as an Oriole and graduated from Stanford in 3-1/2 years for crying out loud.)

10. Mike Sweeney (Current Royal...he's a great player and seems to be a stand-up guy. I loved the contract he signed with the Royals two years ago. He could have signed for WAYYYY more money somewhere else, but decided to give KC another chance, but he gave himself an out in his contract that stipulated the Royals had to finish at .500 or better in one of the following three seasons or he could walk. It forced the Royals to make more of an effort to putting quality players on the field and getting a good manager. They did both of those last year and finished two games over .500, thereby locking in Sweeney for another four or five years.)

I didn't plan on that being 10, and I may add more later, but there you go.

Thanks Charlie!