Sunday, March 07, 2004


Man...tonight's ESPN Dream Job was closer than I'd hoped.

Kelly Milligan again led off the competition with co-anchoring partner Nick Stevens. Now, admittedly, Kelly didn't have his "A" game with him tonight, but after seeing some of the other competitors, I thought for sure he was safe. Unfortunately, he was given the first cut vote by PTI host Tony Kornheiser.

I'm not sure I believe that Tony really thought Kelly was one of the two worst people out there, but he did succeed in sending a warning shot of sorts to all of the contestants that they won't be able to breeze through based on previous efforts. I actually really like Kornheiser's radio show and will be disappointed when he has his last show on March 26th. That being said, though, I sure hope he doesn't vote for Kelly again.

As expected, Michael Quigley (aka Quigs) got the boot after he hit a really rough stretch and struggled to regain his composure. I really felt bad for Quigs as he seems like a nice enough guy and you could tell he wanted to succeed SO badly, but it just wasn't meant to be.

After all of the judges had voted, that left one person to be voted out and the "leader" heading into America's vote was Lori Rubinson.

In what I thought was an unlikely random pairing of the two women contestants on the show, Lori paired up with Maggie Haskins and, honestly, I thought Lori did the better job of the two. But I still thought there were others on the show (Chet Anekwe to name one) that weren't as good as Lori and Maggie.

Heading into America's vote, though, Lori had two votes, while Kelly, Nick and Maggie each had one. If one of those last three got one of America's vote it would have gone to the red phone. Fortunately for Kelly, Lori got that third vote and she is out and Kelly is moving on to the next round.

It's only going to get tougher from here folks. There is some real talent left in this competition and Kelly definitely has a tough battle in front of him.

I think Kelly's toughest competition are:

Mike Hall (Those damn MU least KU beat them today in their last game in the Hearnes Center)
Aaron Levine (His writing and delivery are really strong...I think his youth could hurt him though)
Casey Stern (He's the short one, Aaron's the Asian one, which is exactly how they described each other as they co-anchored tonight. Anyway, I still think Casey's height could be a factor, but he's a great writer.)
Zachariah Selwyn (Zach cut his hair like Al Jaffe asked and, again, his writing, delivery and interview skills were great. He even wore a real suit this week.)

That leaves Maggie Haskins, Nick Stevens and Chet Anekwe.

I think Chet and Maggie will be the next two out. Although Nick seems to rub the judges the wrong way, I think he does a pretty good job. Chet just annoys me and Maggie isn't polished enough in my opinion.

So there's my Dream Job Review O' The Week.

Tune in next week for more of the same.

Thanks again to everyone who supported Kelly this week by voting for someone else.

Until Next Time...