Wednesday, April 14, 2004


Damn allergies! They're kicking my ass again today, but I've taken only one Benadryl. I gotta say, though, that two worked a whole lot better...even if they did make me loopy (or loopier).

The positive side of all this is it means that the weather's finally getting warmer. It hit about 70 today and should be in the upper 70s tomorrow. Yay!!!!

I also picked out my "new" glasses today. I got the same frames that I did last time (Eddie Bauer Tacoma), but with a new prescription. I've also got a great new vision plan, so I decided to get my first ever pair of prescription sunglasses. I was going to go with those transition know, the ones that get darker when you go outside. I found out though that they don't get dark when you're in the car...the UV rays actually have to hit the lenses, so when you're in the car, the windshield blocks out SUV rays so they wouldn't get any darker while you're driving. get to the point...I ended up getting both pairs of glasses, including polarized lenses (greatly reduces glare from the sun) on the sunglasses for under $80. To put this in perspective, the retail price for everything was $600! I'm quite pleased with the deal. The only negative is they have to special order the lenses for my regular glasses and they won't be ready for two weeks. I just hope they're ready before I head to Salt Lake City for work.

Speaking of work, today felt like Friday...probably because I haven't been in the office for more than three straight days in almost three weeks (and won't be for the next two). Sadly, there are two more days to go. I'm thinking I might work from home either tomorrow or Friday.

Time to go check out a few blogs and hit the sack...have a good one everybody!