Friday, April 09, 2004

Blog It Forward

Our good friend Buzz has declared today another Blog It Forward Day.

I've been a bad BIF'er the last few times he has made such a proclamation, so I am attempting to right those wrongs here before you today.

First up is Zoot.

I "met" Zoot through the first "Haiku Smackdown." (I'd post a link, but it varies from week to week, but it's always on Thursday.) She's a funny girl and is usually good for a few quality links. (Does that sound dirty to anyone else but me?) Go on over and say hi.

Next on the list, my friend Dansting. Head on over to his place to read some quality guest posts as he's taking a blogging break due to the pending arrival of his first son. You can always check out the archives and get a feel for the real Dansting. (Note: Dansting's language gets a bit colorful at times, but please be assured that he really is a great guy.)

Moving right along...I present, for your reading pleasure, DewNut! Dew is a single guy living up in Maine who I find myself feeling envious of. These feelings of envy usually come when he's posted about sleeping until 11:00 in the morning.

On a final note, I'd like to BIF Natalie as a thank you for adding me to her "Royal Family." Natalie's always good for a laugh and general merriment (not in THAT far as you know).

I hope this has been enough to make up for my slackishness on previous BIF days.

And if you ever want to participate in Haiku Smackdown, it seems that Zoot and Chris always know where to go. (I'm ashamed to say that I've missed the past few Haiku Smackdowns and this upsets me greatly. I am seriously considering adding a recurring meeting to my Outlook calendar here at work so I don't forget!)

That's it for this (Good) Friday all! Have a great Easter weekend!