Sunday, April 04, 2004

Bloggin' Before Buffalo

OK...this is really starting to bug me. I'm very disappointed with myself and the less frequent nature of my posts around here recently. It's not that I haven't had anything to say...I just haven't been taking the time to logon and write the words.

I'm not arrogant enough to think that I've been missed, but I did this to start writing more and I've been slacking. And that just ain't cool.

Speaking of slacking, I've also been less than persistent on the working out/losing weight resolution. I've been better this weekend, mainly because of all of the spring cleaning, both inside and outside of the house and I've also just been trying to eat better. I checked my blood pressure the other day at Target and for the first time in my life it was actually in the high range on the machine. Add that to my already high cholesterol levels and weight problems and I'm definitely NOT liking the direction this is going. When I go to Buffalo this week, I'm going to challenge myself to work out at least two out of the three days. I'll let you know if I follow through on that or not.

As I just mentioned, this weekend was dedicated to spring cleaning in the Play By Play household. We've got some friends coming in from Arizona later this week along with their 2-year-old. My wife's never seen their little boy in person and we just want to get the place as clean as possible. Yesterday was almost all outside stuff and today was the garage and getting started on laundry and vaccuuming, etc.

Today, K also had a 2-hour softball clinic where we both got sunburned, which gave K a perfect excuse to come out of her room 9 times after bedtime tonight. She had one of her teammates over after the clinic and they played some more before we went to Pizzeria Uno for dinner with her family. Dinner was good, but very drawn out. I went with the usual...the Chicago Classic pizza.

Moving Right Along...

Other events of the weekend...watched The Rundown with The Rock, Christopher Walken and Stifler from American Pie. I thought it was an entertaining movie...especially with Christopher Walken being in it. If he's in a movie, I'm probably going to like it. I was also surprised to see that the film was directed by Peter Berg, who was on Chicago Hope.

(Linguistic question for you...why is someone ON a TV show, but they are IN a movie?)

With the Final Four starting on Saturday, I watched the games with great interest and was very happy with the results as I did pick both UConn and Georgia Tech to win in one of my pools and that's guaranteed me my first ever NCAA Tournament Pool victory. Unfortunately, it cost me a second place finish in my other pool, but I think I finished third, so I'll be happy with that. I'm looking forward to getting that $80 or so.

I think I've whined in an earlier post about the fact that I started achieving elite status with my airline, hotel and car rental programs right when I'm not travelling anymore. One of those was with Northwest which gives me free upgrades to first class if space is available at check-in. So, the Buffalo trip is my first Northwest flight since I achieved that status, and I am happy to say that I did indeed get my first class seats for both legs of my trip to Buffalo. I'll find out on Tuesday if I get it coming home.

This should make tomorrow a pretty good day from a travel perspective. I get to "miss" an entire afternoon of work while flying in first class with complimentary alcohol and then getting to Buffalo in time to watch the NCAA Championship Game without any interruptions, since I don't have to meet my new boss until Tuesday morning.

Well...the dryer just buzzed, so on that laundry-themed note, I shall quote Jon Cryer's infamous Duckie in Pretty In Pink..."I'm off like a dirty shirt!"