Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Drinks 7, Workouts 0 I didn't exactly hit the goal of working out twice while in Buffalo. In fact, I didn't work out once. I'm blaming it on a combination of losing an hour in the morning by travelling east and then the extra hour lost in daylight savings time this week.

As for the work part of the trip, that was all good. I really like my new boss and the two of my co-workers that I met were also very cool. After our meetings on Tuesday, we drove over to Canada to check out Niagara Falls. Despite the fact that it snowed on our way to the Falls, it was still very, very cool and very impressive. I'd love to go back on a sunny summer day. Other than the falls, though, the area is touristy in a very Branson kind of way.

We did have dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe and I had my first LaBatt's Blue. I've loved the commercials with the bear...especially the one with the Pez-like beer dispenser. I gotta say, I really liked that beer and will be buying more of it.

Flyin' First Class
I'm happy to report that I was able to fly first class the whole way there and the whole way back...even with flying standby on earlier flights today coming home. (I love it when I can catch an earlier flight and get home before the kids go to bed.

As an added bonus (as if free drinks wasn't enough), I met Drew Bledsoe on the flight from Buffalo to Detroit today. I gotta say, I thought that was pretty cool. He seemed like a super nice guy.

"We Need To Talk About Your TPS Reports."
One thing I forgot to tell you about the Buffalo office of my company. All of their meeting rooms and break rooms follow an "Office Space" theme! All of my meetings were in the Lumberg Room and there was actually a TPS Room!

And with that, we conclude our blogcast day.
How cool is that?!