Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Greetings From Salt Lake City

Yep...I'm on the road again and this time I have a headache.

Sleeping in hotels is usually not a problem for me, but last night I couldn't sleep well at all. Had a tinge of a headache all night and finally broke down at 5:00 and opened the $4.50 first aid kit from the mini-bar. Sadly, the two Tylenol still haven't fully kicked in yet.

I tried going back to sleep, but finally got up at 5:40...ON MY OWN...with no kids crying or bothering me. WTF is wrong with me????

Anyway, I'm here for three days of training with all of my new teammates. It seems that I've been made the designated driver (even though I didn't rent a car). Last night, most of us gathered at the hotel for the free wine hour and free neck and back massages. That was pretty cool. We then went to a restaurant called Thaifoon...a Japanese/Thai restaurant...very good stuff.

And speaking of the hotel, if you're ever in Salt Lake (and a few other cities), I highly recommend the Hotel Monaco. They'll even give you a goldfish to keep in your room if you want and it's a pet-friendly hotel. It's a very nice change from the cookie-cutter rooms of chains like Marriott.

Well...I need to finish getting ready for the day's events which will be topped off with barbecue at the boss's house. Should be a relatively good time.

Have a great day everyone!