Monday, April 12, 2004

Office Politics Suck

So today we had a big ol' meeting with our whole sales team...a big deal was made about being more urgent in hitting our goals...working harder, faster, better, etc.

This was followed by yours truly sending out an e-mail to most of said team about taking one of our teammates out for a birthday lunch. I really didn't think of it being a big deal. I've gotta eat right?

Well, our senior VP pulls me aside to say that it's not a good idea and we should re-schedule for after business hours. So now I'm feeling like a freaking idiot and feel like I've got another bad perception to make up for. GREAAAAT.

Oh least I'm not reporting through that group anymore. That isn't to say he doesn't exert influence, but I'm not going to sweat it too much.

So now, instead of a birthday lunch with co-workers, I'll go out for a nice lunch with my wife. (And I'll still be gone for more than an hour, so there!)

On the homefront...

Tonight, I took our little boy, J, out with me to run a few errands. He and I don't get to spend much time just the two of us, so tonight was really cool. He LOVES it when he gets to ride in daddy's car, which is a very rare occasion, but we did exactly that tonight.

He behaved very well...especially at Target when I told him he couldn't have everything he wanted. I did let him keep the oranges, the CrunchBerries, the Gogurt and the Honey Nut Cheerios, though.

Oldest daughter, K, stayed home with a slight fever and cold today, so she missed batting cage practice tonight. It was going to be the first practice I made it too and she was sick. Nothing we can do about that, though. I'm sure it had nothing to do with her playing soccer in shorts in rainy, 42 degree weather.

Our friends from Arizona came by again last night and we had a barbecue roast and they hung out til about 9:00 before they headed back to their hotel. They flew back today, but we promised not to make it so long between visits next time.

On a final note...kudos to Phil Mickelson on winning his first Major on the PGA Tour yesterday when he put together an impressive comeback on the back 9 to beat Ernie Els at The Masters in Augusta, GA.

That's enough for today...until next time...