Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Random Ramblings

A few scattered thoughts as I blog from the comfort of my bed at the Hotel Monaco in Salt Lake City...

Just saw a new Nike Golf commercial with Tiger Woods, his fuzzy tiger clubhead cover (don't remember his name) and Charles Barkley. Pretty funny stuff.

Also...I know it's a day early, but Pat McGee Band is going to be on ESPN2's Cold Pizza tomorrow morning. Be sure to check them out! (Note to self to call brother to Tivo it in the morning.)

Is there a guy on the planet that looks less like a football expert than ESPN's John Clayton??? And if you look closely, he has some funky long hair mullet thing going on in the back...very strange.

I didn't see it, but apparently American Idol was even more of a joke than last week. I'm glad I've missed this show the last few weeks.

Tonight, I went to my boss's boss's house for a barbecue. I'm the only guy on the whole team, but we had a good time as one of the women brought her newly adopted 6-month-old daughter...VERY cute baby. Didn't get back until 11, but it was still a good time and great food too. She grilled beef kabobs, chicken, shrimp, vegetable kabobs and also made spinach dip, key lime pie, homemade peach yogurt and the list just goes on and on. AN EXCELLENT DINNER.

OK...I've put off checking my work e-mail long enough. Have a good night everyone.