Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Random Thoughts

First....a big congrats to Dan on the arrival of his first son, affectionately known as GWS (for Good Will Sting). Will made his debut yesterday and I couldn't be happier for him and his wife.

If you haven't been over to Dan's go say hi.

So yesterday I'm on my flight up to Minnesota and I notice the guy sitting next to me is reading a book called, "Experiencing God." I couldn't help but wonder what would have gone through this guy's head if I'd have shown up with a copy of Maxim. Maxim's no Playboy or Penthouse, but it can be pretty risque.

This leads me to the next question...does anyone actually buy a Playboy or Penthouse from the airport gift shop? Do they read these on the plane???

If someone knows the answer to this, please let me know.

Also from yesterday...

I was sitting in the airport and plugged in my wireless card to see if there were any available networks and there was one that was described as "Ad hoc." I know what that term means, but not in the world of wireless networking. Can some of you more computer-savvy readers out there explain how this would be beneficial to me, if at all?

Since I don't have one of them newfangled survey tools for my blog, here's my low-tech one.

What do you do on a plane?

A) Sleep
B) Talk with neighbor
C) Read
D) Work
E) Listen to Music
F) Play on PC (games, watch movies, etc.)
G) Have sex

If you answer G, just consider me impressed.

Have a good one everybody!!!