Saturday, April 10, 2004

Soccer Saturday

And a cold, rainy one at that.

The temperature as we drove out to K's soccer game today was a scorching 42 degrees. Throw in a light drizzle on top of that and you can imagine how much fun it was to be outside on a day like this.

Given the weather conditions, though, I tried to be a good dad and had her throw a long-sleeve shirt on under her team t-shirt and some windpants on over her soccer shorts. Once we got there, she decided she didn't want to have the long pants on and just wanted to wear her shorts.

Nevermind the fact that every other girl on both teams was wearing sweatpants of some kind and several were wearing gloves AND headbands to keep their ears warm. Nope...K just had her shorts and long-sleeve shirt on. By halftime her legs were bright red, but she really didn't care...she was just having fun!

In the first half, neither team scored and I'd like to think K's goalie skills played a big part in that. Of course, it might have been that the other team kept falling on their butts when they slipped on the wet grass trying to kick the ball real hard.

The second half, though, was a completely different story. K's team was the beneficiary of playing what seemed to be the other team's B-team in the second half, as our girls scored 7 goals in the second half.

I'm proud to say that K had 3 goals and an assist on the 4th. While I'm of course proud of her for that, I was also impressed with how hard she played...even when she kept getting hit in the gut, the face and the knees by either the ball or the legs and arms of the other team. If she fell down, she just hopped back up and kept after the ball.

She's not the most athletic girl on the team, but she has been giving great effort the last few weeks and that's all I can ask for.

Monopoly Madness
As I mentioned earlier this week, we had some friends from Arizona coming to stay with us last night. They got here a little earlier than expected...around 1:00 in the afternoon...but that was fine by me as it gave me the chance to take the rest of the afternoon off.

For dinner, we carried in some Zarda barbecue that was quite tasty.

Then, after dinner and we got all the kids in bed after running them into the ground in the backyard, it was time to play a game of Monopoly.

You see...back before they moved to Arizona, we'd get together with R & D on an almost weekly basis to have dinner and usually play a game of Monopoly. As I've probably written before, I love Monopoly and tend to get a wee bit competitive. Fortunately, so do R & D, but we can be competitive in a friendly way.

Let's just say that R & D kicked my ass for the third straight time. (I lost twice when I was visiting them last fall.) Add to that the time I lost to my daughter K and I'm in a major Monopoly slump. (You could liken it to Tiger Woods' failure to win a major since 2002.)

We did have a great time playing, though, and we hope to get to see them tomorrow before they fly back home.

Until Next Time...